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  • Ginger is the ‘spice for life’.
  • Ginger is commonly known as a spice, but it can also be used as an effective medicinal
    herb. Traditionally it has been used as remedy for different digestive problems, coughing, pain and general problems of metabolism.
  • The nonvolatile pungent compounds (namely gingerols, shogaols, paradols, and zingerone) are some of the extensively studied phytochemicals and account for the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiemetic, and gastro protective activities.
  • Ginger  contains 8-gingerol, 10-gingerol,[2] and 12-gingerol,[3] collectively deemed Gingerols.
  • (6)-shogaol, is a pungent constituent of ginger similar in chemical structure to gingerol.
  • 6-gingerol is assumed to make up 30% of the ginger oleoresin
  • Gingerol is found as a pungent yellow oil, and also can form a low-melting crystalline solid.
  • Though it has been in use for a long time, very little is known about the biosynthesis of gingerol. It is derived from the phenylalanine pathway. The enzymes phenylalanine ammonia lyase, polyketide synthases, p-coumaroyl shikimate transferase, p-coumaroyl quinate transferase, caffeic acid O-methyltransferase, and caffeoyl-CoA O-methyltransferase were evaluated for their potential role in the biosynthesis of gingerol.
  • There are number of Japanese Patents for the synthesis of Gingerol
  • Subcritical water extraction was employed for the extraction of bioactive compounds from zingiber officinale namely 6-gingerol, 6-shogaol and 10-gingerol.
  • Microwave-assisted extraction showed obvious advantages in terms of high extraction efficiency and antioxidant activity of extract within shortest extraction time
  • 6-Gingerol is the major pharmacologically-active component of ginger
  • Gingerol is known to exhibit a variety of biological activities including anticancer, anti-inflammation, and anti-oxidation. 6-Gingerol has been found to possess anticancer activities via its effect on a variety of biological pathways involved in apoptosis, cell cycle regulation, cytotoxic activity, and inhibition of angiogenesis
  • 6-gingerol has received considerable interest as a potential therapeutic agent for the prevention and/or treatment of various diseases.


  • About Ginger
  • Properties
  • Ginger Root

Gingerol Analysis

  • Estimation of gingerol content
  • 6 Gingerol analysis
  • High-Speed Analysis of Gingerol and Shogaol
  • HPLC Method for the Analysis of [6]-Gingerol
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Quantitation of 6 gingerol
  • MSDS


  • Supercritical Water Extraction
  • Microwave assisted extraction
  • Ginger oleoresin - Business Plan sample
  • Gingerol Extraction Process
  • Thermal Processing
  • Gingerol Purification
  • Ginger Powder
  • Isolation and standardization of gingerol from ginger rhizome
  • Purification of [6]-Gingerol from Ginger
  • Ginger Essential Oil
  • Isolation and Identification of Ginger Essential Oil
  • Technology source - Company in Australia
  • Ginger Oil extraction

Company Products

  • Company in USA
  • Company - MSDS
  • Company - Germany
  • Company - Distributor
  • Company - China
  • Company - India
  • Company - India


  • Shogaols and gingerols for preparing deodorant compositions
  • Method for producing Gingerol
  • Asthama Medication Therapy
  • Gingerol Analogues
  • Gingerol and gingerdiol derivatives as hypocholesterolemic and antiatherosclerotic agents.

Market  Scenario

  • Dried Ginger
  • Consultant - Market Reports
  • Regulatory Issues

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