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World Rice Industry at a Glance


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Finding Rice Importers around the Globe  

World Rice Trade is around 25 Million Tons and 
the Exporters are Thailand, India, Vietnam, United States, China ,Burma , Pakistan Uruguay, Australia ,Egypt , EU, Argentina , Guyana and a few small players. 

First five countries export about 60% of the world trade in Rice. Export of Rice from India is expected to be of the order of 4 million Tons per year subjected to conditions.
Rice Importers in the order of size of imports are Indonesia, Iran, Nigeria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, EU, Senegal, Japan, Philippines, Cote d'Ivoire, Malaysia, South Africa, Bangladesh, Mexico, Cuba, North Korea, USA, Brazil, China, Eastern Europe, Russia, China, Singapore, Turkey & several other countries. 

First seven countries import about 40% exports. Major Importer is Indonesia. 
, the Rice production remains almost constant while the population is increasing, contributing to the ever increasing demand for food.  

Of the 15 countries growing at least 1 million hectares of rice, only two are outside Asia. China and India account for about 50% of the world's rice area and 56% of production. Bangladesh, Indonesia and Thailand each have rice production areas greater than the total for Latin America. Africa's total rice area is only slightly below that of Vietnam, but African production is less than two-thirds that for Vietnam
Major  markets:
Russia, South African, parts of sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East are the major export markets for India's non-basmati rice, while the E.U., the U.S. and the Middle East are principal markets for India's basmati rice. Most non-basmati exports to South Africa and the Middle East are parboiled rice.
The exporters and the Importers of the world have got to identify partners for the Rice trade and in this Internet Trade portals are being found very useful. Directories of Importers ,Exporters ,Trade Leads Posting, Adverting ,Digital Brochure Mailing, have all are contributing to trade and development.
Sources of Information:
International Organizations connected with Rice Production , Development, Research and Trade are: The International Rice Research Institute United States Agriculture Department, United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization, Agriculture Departments of the Governments of the different countries of the world, Rice Traders Associations in many countries. All these provide valuable information to not only traders but also farmers, scientists, and others. the Internet contains lots of information.


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