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  • Rice yields can be improved over and above yields obtained with regular use of fertilizer by addition of rice husk ash.

  •  Every 1000 kgs of paddy milled , about 220 kgs of husk is produced  and when this husk is burnt in the boilers , about 55 kgs  of RHA is generated

  • This husk contains about 75 % organic volatile matter  and the balance 25 % of the weight of this husk  is converted into ash during the firing process , is  known as rice husk ash ( RHA ). 

  • Rice hull can also serve as a moisture retention helper or as a weed growth inhibitor in a soil. 

  • RHA acts as a very good Insulator and is used for the insulation of molten metal in tundish and ladle in slab caster.

  • Rice husk contains silica in hydrated amorphous form and cellulose which yields carbon when thermally decomposed.

  • Rice husks have been used in manufacturing block employed in civil construction as panels and was used by the rice industry itself as a source of energy for boilers.

  • RHA is a good super-pozzolans.

  • Rice husks may be used as energy sources in a number of forms.

  • India is a major rice producing country , and the husk generated during milling is mostly used as a fuel in the boilers for processing paddy.

  • RHA contains around 85 % - 90 %  amorphous silica.

  • There is a growing demand for fine amorphous silica in the production of special cement and concrete mixes high performance concrete , high strength, low permeability concrete, for use in bridges, marine environments , nuclear power plants

  • Largest and most commercially viable markets appear to be in the concrete and steel industry.

  • Rice Husk - Fuel
  • Pozzlanas
  • Pazzalana Cement
  • Rice Husk Ash - Chemistry
  • Potential of Rice Husk in Aqueous System
  • Physical & Thermal Properties

  • Future Building
  • Rice Hull House

  • Rice Paddy Husk


  • Technology Developed
  • Technology Offer
  • Power Plant
  • Hydraulic Binder
  • Adsorption of Dyes
  • Adsorption of Gold
  • Building Materials
  • Combustion Effect
  • Concrete- Rice Husk Ash
  • Mesoporus from Rice Husk

  • Pyrolysis of Rice Husk

  • Rice Husk Polypropylene

  • Rice Husk in Plasma Reactor

  • Effect of Rice Husk Ash

  • Rice Husk Ash for Cement

  • Sodium Silicate Plant

  • Precipated Silica

  • Pellet Making Method

  • Synthesis Zeolite

  • Tridymite and Cristobalite

  • The Torbed technology

  • Rice Husk Combustion - Furnace Design Improvement

  • Carbonization And Softness Process Equipment

Environmental Issues

  • Environmental Regulatory Issues
  • Environmental Aspects
  • Environmental Assessment

Companies in the Field & Technology Products

  • Indian Companies
  • Malaysian Company
  • US Company
  • Korean Company
  • Thailand Company
  • Technology Products
    Specifications and
    Safety Issues
  • Powder, flake and pellet
  • Disposable Tableware



  • Rice Husk Uses & Specifications
  • Gas Stove using Rice Husk
  • Rice Husk Stoves
  • Production of Electricity & Heat
  • Rice Husk Ash for Soybean Protection
  • Silica from Ash

  • Alternative Materials

  • Energy from Rice Husk
  • Prospective Uses
  • Pellets
  • Filtration Products
  • Steel Plant Uses
  • Filter Applications
  • Absorbemt
  • Sequestering Soluble Metals
  • Rice Husk Briquettes
  • Rice Husk Charcoal and Activated Carbon
  • Rice husk tar from biogasification process

Articles & Project Reports

  • White RHA - Article

  • RH Power Project

  • RH Fire Power Project

  • Energy Project - Indonesia

  • RH Power Plant Project

  • Feasibility Study

  • Concrete Tech - Newsletter

  • RH Project

  • Cementitious Materials - Study

  • Sustainable Materials Tech- Project

  • Low reoxidation tundish metallurgy at Fundia Koverhar steel plant

  • Pellets Chemistry

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  • RHA Market
    Survey Report - 2003

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