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Medical devices:
Preparation for x-ray examinations , Surgical instruments and appliances;Electro-diagnostic apparatus, Dental instruments.Laboratory Testing Appliances & Diagnostic Devices, Stents, Nebulizers .
Insulin Delivery Systems devices and more...

Medical disposables:
Wadding, gauze and bandages
Plastic disposables Syringes, needles , Ostomy Bags
and catheters
, Wound closure products, Surgical Instruments, Surgical Sutures , Scalpel
Nappies and similar hygiene products;

Major Importers:
Germany, France, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Belgium.

Major Exporters:
Germany , the Netherlands
, United Kingdom ,Belgium and France

Business Opportunities:
Domestic & Export markets is good for these products.
Latex medical disposables
;Wadding, gauze, and bandages
Instruments and Appliances ;Syringes, Needles and Catheters ;Stethoscopes, Blood Pressure Meters and Revalidation Equipment ;incontinence aids ;
dialysis machines, musculoskeletal implants, diabetic ulcer treatments, coronary stents, hearing implants and pacemakers.Coronary Angioplasty
Coronary Stents ;Debulking Devices;The Challenge of Restenosis; Vascular Brachytherapy;
Insulin Delivery Systems

Baby diapers ;Feminine hygiene products ;Adult incontinence products;Dry and wet wipes; Training pants; Cosmetic removal pads Nursing pads ;Nasal strips ;adhesive for dental plates; Disposable underwear ;surgical: disposable caps, gowns, masks, shoe covers Drapes, wraps and packs ;Sponges, dressings, wipes ;Bed linen Contamination control gowns ;Examination gowns ;Transdermal drug delivery; Shrouds ;Underpads ;Procedure packs ;Heat packs ;Ostomy bag liners; Fixation tapes ;Incubator mattress

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Issues of Importance:
Government Rules & Regulations concerning the subject
Environmental issues
Quality of Products & Safety Considerations

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