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  • Disposable syringes are a great innovation in the field of medical equipment. 
  • They are used for intramuscular and intravenous injections and are disposed off immediately after usage. 
  • The major advantages of using disposable syringes is that no infection is transmitted since the injection is disposed off immediately after use.
  • Through the 20th century the production of precision-made glass syringes was gradually refined. 
  • The first major advance came with the manufacture of interchangeable parts, made to exact specifications, rather than as 'one-off' items.
  • The 1950s was a period of transition, with 'hybrid' combinations of plastic and glass disposables.
  • By the 1960s, glass syringes which were re-useable after sterilisation were being replaced with disposable plastic syringes and single-use needles.
  • The first type of plastic chosen for this use was polystyrene.
  • With the replacement of traditional glass syringes by disposable syringes for convenience, safety, the demand for plastic disposable syringes is growing at very fast rate.
  •  Due to the fear of AIDS and other infections it is now have become a common practice to use sterilized disposable plastic syringes. 
  • Besides growing market in our own country there is great potential for the export to near by countries.
  • Syringe and Needle History
  • Glass Syringe with Plastic Syringe
  • History
  • Disposable Syringe for Generating Gas
  • Bulim Syringe Description
  • Dispensing Nozzle Types
  • Syringe Dispensing Components
  • Accuracy Specification

Auto-disable Syringe

  • Disposable Auto-disable Syringe
  • Disposable Single Dose Safety Syringe
  • Sterile Single use Disposable Syringe
  • Auto-disable Syringe
  • Uses of Auto - Disable Syringe

Design, Technologies

  • Project Contacts - raw materials, parts, importers
  • Processing Chart
  • Plant Layout
  • Korean Machinery
  • Chinese Machinery
  • Italian Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Design and Fabrication
  • Design - Safe Syringe Disposal System
  • Packaging - Technology and Services
  • Syringe Filling Tech.
  • Fluid Dispensing Technologies
  • Reciprocating Syringes


  • Reprocessing of Disposable Items
  • Recycle / Dispose Syringe

Safe Disposal Guides & Reports
  • WHO - Immunization Safety
  • Directions for use
  • Needle and Syringe Safety
  • Safe Disposal of Needles, Syringes
  • Proper Handling and Disposal 
  • Syringe Disposal , FAQ
  • Community Guide
  • Disposal Home Guide
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal Procedure
  • Disposal and Destruction of Syringes
  • Ukraine Report

Manufacturing Companies

  • Tyco Syringes
  • Hindustan Disposable Syringes
  • Bulim Medical Co.,
  • Manufactures and Suppliers - India
  • HI-Tech Syringes Manufactures
  • Plas-pak Industries
  • Chinese Manufacturer

Market Details

  • Disposable Syringe Markets
  • Research and Markets
  • Suppliers - China
  • Texas suppliers
  • India Suppliers


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