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  • India  receives abundant solar radiation equivalent to over 5,000 trillion kilowatt hours (kWh) per year. The government has had a PV program in place for over two decades, yet the current installed capacity is just 3 MW, only a small proportion of the overall energy mix.
  • PV systems are promoted primarily for rural and off-grid applications, consisting mainly of mini-grids, solar home systems, solar lanterns, and solar street lights. The overall solar water heater potential in India is estimated to be 140 million m2 of collector area, of which about 1.9 million m2 have been installed in buildings and in industry.
  • India has manufacturing facilities for equipment and components used in solar PV systems, though there is a need for megawatt-scale PV power-generating systems.
  • A number of solar thermal applications have also been developed in India, which include water/air heating, cooking, drying of agricultural and food products, water purification, detoxification of
    wastes, cooling and refrigeration, heat for industrial processes, and electric power generation.
  • Most of the solar thermal devices and systems are manufactured in India.
  • Investment opportunities are available for corporate users of power, long-term investors in power, promoters of clean power, and trading credits for emission reductions.
  • Private-sector companies can set up enterprises to operate as licensee or generating companies.
  • A foreign investor can enter into a joint venture not only for renewable energy devices/products but also for manufacturing renewable-energy-based power generation projects on a build, own, and operate basis
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Energy Sources

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Studies & Projects
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Cost Analysis
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    Solar Thermal Power Generation
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