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Summary @ a Glance


  • Investments in Solar energy in India surged from $0.6 billion in 2010 to $4.2 billion in 2011 signifying the growth potential and achievements in the sector
  • Barriers to widespread adoption of solar energy technologies include complicated procedures for permitting and connecting systems to the grid, financing challenges, a lack of awareness of solar energy
    solutions among key decision makers, and a lack of trained installation contractors
  • More than 100,000 Americans work in the solar industry, double the number in 2009.
    They work at more than 5,600 companies, the vast majority being small businesses, in every state
  • Solar power in the U.S. now exceeds 3,650 megawatts, enough to power 730,000 American homes
  • During 2011, the price of solar panels dropped by 50 percent
  • The Commerce Department in Washington opened an investigation sought by American manufacturers
    who accuse the Chinese of “dumping” solar panels into the United States at prices, aided by government subsidies, lower than the cost of making and distributing them.
  • Most of the big Chinese solar panel manufacturers have subsidiaries in the United States that are the legal importers
  • Solar renewable energy certificates represent the generation attributes of solar energy systems and can be traded separately from commodity electricity.
  • Affordable solar electricity is good for the solar industry
  • India’s Central Electricity Regulatory Commission announced
    rules for trading with renewable energy certificates. Trading these certificates
    has now begun
Basic Information
  • Trading Perspective
  • Solar Potential Need to Balance Scale & Scope

Company Profiles

  • American Company
  • Bangalore Company
  • Manufacturers in India
  • Manufacturers list for Solar Energy Equipment in India
  • Directory of Companies
  • Global Energy Associations

Trading Systems

  • Trade Flows, Barriers and Market Drivers
  • Trading Scheme – REC Mechanism in India
  • Solar renewable energy certificates
  • Indian Energy Exchange
  • Trading Mechanism
  • Trading Terms
  • Transparency in Energy Markets
Production and Technology
  • Mapping Solar Potential
  • Solar PV Manufacturing Cost Analysis
  • Future Trends and Technologies
  • Audit of grid-connected solar panel systems
  • Safety Issues

India Scenario

  • Renewable sector in India
    and the competition issues
  • Guide to Entrepreneurs
  • Potential in India


Projects - Climate Change

  • Environment Development
  • Green Energy Trading
  • Solar Energy Forecast
  • Climate & Business
  • Financing Solar Projects
  • Asia Pacific climate change policy series
  • Newsletter from China


  • National Solar Legislation and Its
    Potential Effects on Municipalities
  • Solar Energy Technology Components
  • Trade Petition
  • Chinese solar imports into USA
  • Trading Standards


  • The domestic energy market
  • Development - Solar Market
  • U.S.Solar Market Insight
  • American Solar Industry
  • Competition from China
  • Solar Industry expo
  • Solar Market Update
  • Solarcon - India
  • Trade War

Case Study & Report

  • State Policy Case Studies
  • Impact of Tariff


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