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  • A Satellite broadcasts a few watts of microwave signals from the geostationary orbit 36,000 kilometers above the earth. The transmissions are also broadcast over a wide "foodprint" area. The satellite signals suffer an attenuation of approximately 200dB, while making this 36,000 kilometers journey from the satellite to reception points on the ground. The satellite signals which finally arrive are extremely weak.
  • A dish antenna is used to collect these weak satellite signals over a large area - the surface of the dish. These signals are then focused by the parabolic curvature of the dish, to the focal point. Even at the focal point, the satellite signals are only a few micro-watts.
  • These tiny satellite signals are received and processed by sophisticated electronic equipment. Given the low signal strength, the signals need to be immediately amplified. However, it is very important that the amplification does not contribute any significant amount of noise which would otherwise spoil the weak signals received. This is done by a "Low Noise Amplifier".
  • The atmosphere provides a low loss signal path for certain microwave frequencies. Satellite broadcasters therefore use this fact and provide satellite broadcasts at these frequencies. The earliest broadcast were at relatively low microwave frequencies.
  • The amount of signal that a dish receives is directly linked to the frequency. For the same size of dish, the signals received will be larger for higher frequencies that lower frequencies. Technically, this implies that the same dish has as larger "Gain" at higher frequencies. Similarly, a smaller dish could be used at higher frequencies and yet provide the same signal gain. Recognizing this, international broadcasters now utilize Ku and even Ka band frequencies for commercial television
  • Satellite based PNT service is emerging as an important space application area not only for civil aviation but in many other areas such as mobile telephones, surface transport, intelligent highway system, maritime transport, rail, oil and gas, precision agriculture, fisheries, survey and marine engineering, science, electricity networks and leisure

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  • FAQ in Satellite TV
  • FAQ in Satellite Receivers
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Satellite Receivers

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Satellite Receivers with Design Specifications

  • Humax Digital Satellite Receiver
  • Humax Set Top Box Digital Satellite Receiver
  • Motorola Digital Satellite Receiver
  • Coship Satellite Receiver
  • DIRECTV Receiver 


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  • Satellite and Digital Services Ltd
  • CCS Corporation
  • Chaparral Communications
  • Satcure Satellite and Digital TV
  • Technical Satellite Repair, inc.,
  • A Low - Cost GPS based Locomotive Tracking System for Steel Plant Applications
  • Global Positioning System for Botanical Mapping
  • Application of GPS in Farming Systems
  • GPS Application in Precision Agriculture
  • Survey Of Meteorological Satellite Ground Based Receiving Equipment


  • Suppliers of Satellite Receivers
  • Supplier Directory
  • East Heyday Co., Ltd.
  • Ever International
  • Eldon Technology Ltd
  • Pansat Pro
  • Satellite/cable receiver Suppliers
  • Chinese Suppliers 


  • Satellite Receiver Manufacturers of  China
  • Companies manufacturing Satellite Receivers  in China
  • Companies Manufacturing Satellite Receivers in Korea
  • Satellite Receivers Manufacturing Companies
  • Manufacturers of Satellite Receivers
  • Digital Satellite Receiver Manufacturers
  • Satellite Receivers Manufacturers in China and Taiwan
  • Quanzhou Tiandixing Electronics Co., Ltd
  • Antex Electronics
  • DreamSat HK Co.
  • Electronics Manufactures Directory
  • Newest Models

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  • Policy Regulations Procedures to import to Nepal
  • Importers and Exporters of Satellite Receivers
  • Agents of Satellite Receivers
  • Trading Companies of Satellite Receivers
  • Buyers of Satellite Receivers
  • Global Buyers of Satellite Receivers
  • Satellite Receiver Buyers 

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  • Distributors and Whole Salers of Satellite Receivers
  • Satellite Receivers Distributors and Whole salers
  • Mike's Repair and Electronics
  • HR Enterprises Worldwide Distributors
  • Hook Technologies
  • Shyam Electronics
  • American Satellite and Entertainment
  • Miconica Satellite Receiver Equipment
  • Retailers of Satellite Receivers


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