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  • Every phase of paperís lifecycle contributes to global warming, from harvesting trees to production of pulp and paper to eventual disposal.
  • The biggest greenhouse gas releases in pulp and paper manufacturing come from the energy production needed to
    power the pulp and paper mill.
  • The climate change effects of paper carry all the way
    through to disposal. If paper is land filled rather than recycled, it decomposes and produces methane, a greenhouse gas with 23 times the heat-trapping power of carbon dioxide.
  • The pulp and paper industry is the fourth largest emitter of greenhouse gases among manufacturing industries, and contributes 9 percent of total manufacturing carbon dioxide emissions
  • More than one-third of municipal solid waste is paper, and municipal landfills account for 34 percent of human related methane emissions to the atmosphere, making landfills the single largest source of such emissions.
  • The use of paper mill wastes for steam generation using a fluidized bed combustor will provide an alternative source of energy and significant cost savings in its operation
  • Around 600 paper mills are operating in India
  •  Efficient Chemical recovery units with lime & mud reburning kilns, proper contribution of high pressure, recovery boilers, suitable double extraction turbine systems, efficient pulping & washing systems are the areas which can come under CDM in Paper Industry
The Concept
  • Baselines for the Pulp & Paper Industry
  • The Climate Market
  • Trends - 2008
  • Carbon Credits - Pricing
  • CDM India - Project approval process
India Scenario
  • Indian Paper Industry - Clean Development Mechanism
  • Important Links
  • Paper Mill at Allahabad
  • India 2007
  • Carbon Disclosure Project Report India 2008

Background Study & Reports

  • Forest Products Industry
  • Profile of the Pulp and Paper Industry - 1995
  • Sustainable Paper Cycle - 2003
  • Australian Paper Industry - 2006
  • Timber Market 2008
  • State of the Paper Industry - 2005 to 2020
  • Sustainable Paper Cycle
  • Canada - 2007
  • Tree Plantations
  • UN Advisory Committee on Paper and Wood Products
Case Studies
  • Timber Industry
  • Biomass Energy
  • Australian Company
  • Paper & Board Company
  • Magazines Recycling
  • European Company
  • South Africa
  • Texas Industries

Project Development

  • CDM Market Opportunities
  • Project Outline
  • Biomass Feasibility - sample
  • Consultant Broker
  • Project Guidance
  • Carbon footprint Study
  • Utilization of Paper Mill Waste for Steam/Power Generation A Pre-Feasibility Study Report
  • Co generation Systems
  • Biomass Commercialization
  • Forest Biorefinery
  • Implementing the forest biorefinery - pulp and paper mills
  • Purchasing strategies for
    paper and wood products
  • Recycling Paper & Wood
  • Gasification based Biorefinery
  • The Paper Consumerís Guide to Climate Change
  • Project Implementation
  • Project concept - AP
  • Heat recovery - concept
  • Turbine Efficiency
  • Cogeneration project
  • Biomass residue fired cogeneration
  • Project Consultant
  • Project Design & document Form

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