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  • Zinc acetate occurs as white crystalline, lustrous plates with a faint acetic odor and an astringent taste
  • Zinc acetate is synthesized by reacting zinc oxide with glacial acetic acid, with subsequent crystallization, separation by centrifugation, and drying and milling of the crystals. No organic solvents are used
    during the synthesis.
  • Regulatory Status Included in the FDA Inactive Ingredients Database (SC injections;topical lotions and solutions). Included in medicines licensed in the UK.
  • Zinc acetate has been used as an excipient in a variety of pharmaceutical formulations including topical gels, lotions, and
    solutions, and subcutaneous injections. It has also been investigated for use in an oral controlled-release formulation for water-soluble drugs in combination with sodium alginate and xanthan gum. Therapeutically, zinc acetate has been used in oral capsules for the treatment of Wilsonís disease.Zinc acetate has also been demonstrated to be effective as a spermicide in vaginal contraceptives.
  • Industrial applications include wood preserving, manufacturing other zinc salts, polymers, manufacture of ethylene acetate, as a dye mordant, and analytical reagent
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