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  • Copper(II) sulfate is the chemical compound with the formula CuSO4. This salt exists as a series of compounds that differ in their degree of hydration.
  • The anhydrous form is a pale green or gray-white powder, whereas the pentahydrate, the most commonly encountered salt, is bright blue.
  • The anhydrous form occurs as a rare mineral known as chalcocyanite. The hydrated copper sulfate occurs in nature as chalcanthite (pentahydrate),
    and two more rare ones: bonattite (trihydrate) and boothite (heptahydrate).
  • Archaic names for copper(II) sulfate are "blue vitriol" and "bluestone".
  • Copper sulfate is employed in organic synthesis. The anhydrous salt catalyses the transacetalization in organic synthesis.
  •  Copper Sulphate can be made by the action of sulfuric acid on a variety of copper(II) compounds, for example copper(II) oxide. It may also be prepared by electrolyzing sulfuric acid, using copper electrodes.
  • Copper sulfate pentahydrate is a fungicide. Mixed with lime it is called Bordeaux mixture to control fungus on grapes, melons, and other berries.
  • Copper Sulphate is used as an herbicide is not agricultural, but instead for control of invasive exotic aquatic plants and the roots of other invasive plants near various pipes that contain water.
  • Copper sulfate, a product whose composition hasnít changed significantly in the last half century, is perhaps the most widely used algaecide in the country due to its availability and its relatively low cost.
  • Before, the cost of copper sulfate has risen significantly, closing the price gap between copper sulfate and chelated algaecides, so we are choosing this opportunity to wean our lakes and ponds off this outdated product.
  • Many retailers of Wester Canada, were unable to obtain supplies of the product , making it difficult for producers to access them in the


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  • Information about CopperSulphate
  • Facts about Copper Sulphate
  • Description about Copper Sulphate
  • Copper Sulphate solution
  • General details of Copper Sulphate 


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Process & Properties

  • Extraction and Recycling
  • Mechanism of the dissolution process of copper in acidic copper sulphate solution  at equlibrium potential
  • Copper Sulphate properties
  • Some Properties of Copper Sulfate


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  • Using copper sprays to control diseases in citrus
  • Corrosion and protection of lead anodes in acidic copper sulphate solutions
  • Copper treatments for Dugouts
  • Use of Elevated Levels of Copper Sulfate to Eliminate Snails
  • Copper Sulphate Algicides for Swimming pool use

Project Information

  • FAQ
  • Consultants
  • Copper Compounds
  • Project - Case Study
  • Recycling Copper Scrap
  • Project Case Study - dispute
  • Extraction from Scrap
  • Copper Sulphate Recycling Plant
  • Secondary Copper Smelting
  • Electrowinning technology - Offer

MSDS & Product

  • Copper Sulphate 35
  • Copper Sulphate
  • Copper Sulphate 5 H20 Lrg
  • Copper Sulphate Solution
  • Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate CuSO4 x 5H2O
  • Copper-110
  • Basic Copper Sulfate
  • Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate


  • Effect of copper sulphate supplementation on performance of broiler chickens, cholesterol content and fatty acid profile of meat
  • Effect of Copper Sulphate on assimilation of various substrata by soil fungi
  • Effects of elicitor and copper sulfate on grindelic acid production in submerged cultures of Grindelia pulchella
  • The effect of copper sulphate addition on the recovery of chromite in the flotation of UG2 ore
  • Effect of Selected Parameters on Crystallization of Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate
  • Effects of Sphagnum peat and copper sulfate on productivity of a Ferro-Humic Podzol
  • Effect of sulphuric acid and copper sulphate concentrations on the morphology of silver deposit in the cementation process
  • Copper Sulphate report
  • Availability of Copper Sulphate Products in Western Canada
  • Use of Hoof-Zink in a Footbath Alone or in Combination with Copper Sulfate to Control Foot Rot and Hairy Heel Warts on Dairy Cows
  • High copper sulphate price irks arecanut growers
  • Cutrine Plus vs. Copper Sulfate

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