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  • Sanitaryware is the generic term used to describe items which traditionally were made from pottery. Manufactures select the most appropriate material from a range of available materials to meet the intended usage of each product.
  • Materials used to manufacture sanitaryware are vitreous china, fireclay, acrylic/ resin, stainless steel, high impact plastic.Vitreous china is the most common material used for the manufactuer of sanitaryware.
  • Vitreous china is made from a mixture of fired white clays and finely ground minerals.The traditional method used to mould sanitaryware vwas to pour a finely sieved mixture of water, clays and minerals into plaster of paris moulds which form the shape of the appliance being formed. More mordern pressure casting methods are commonly used today where multiple moulds are filled under pressure on a production line.
  • Fireclay is an older technology traditionally used when very heavy duty ware is required. The clay body is of a sufficient strength that it can be used to manufacture heavier items such as shower trays, sinks, slabs urinals, hospital sanitaryware, medical sink and heavy duty WC's and basins.
  • Stainless steel is used by some manufacturers to 'shroud' vitreous china providing a mordern minimalist look to their sanitaryware. Some WC seats and also some cisterns are manufactured from high impact plastic. They are made using the latest inject moulding techniques.
  • The production process of sanitaryware includes milling and slip preparation section, casting section, greenware section, glazing section, kiln section and final inspection & packing section.
  • Gujranwala is quite known for its quality ceramics products. This industry not only caters the local market demand, but also contributes in exports to international markets. For years the manufacturers of this area have built their un-matched skills in design, aesthetics and quality.
  • In Gujranwala sanitary fitting was always a famous industry which continuous the demands for Ceramics Sanitary ware. Presently there are more or less 100 units, which are producing ceramics products.
  • Raw material used in sanitary ware manufacturing is quite cheap. Raw materials are used in huge volumes and this makes their supply-chain an all important factor. Majority of the raw materials are imported and are supplied by the few raw material suppliers based in the local market.
  • The Sanitary wares available in the local market are produced mainly in the Province of Punjab & Sindh.
  • Some niches of the market are also served by imports as small quantity of some multinational brands is also available in the local market in India imported mainly from Spain, Italy UK and USA.
 General Information
  • Sanitary Ware
  • Bath Tub
  • Sink

Production and Processing

  • Production Process of Sanitary Wares
  • Vitreous China Sanitary ware Production
  • Sanitary Ware Manufacturing Process
  • Manufacturing Process of Enameled Bathtub
  • Manufacturing Process of Sanitary Ware
  • Ceramic Sanitary Ware Processing

Company Profiles

  • Top Anchor Sanitary Wares
  • HSIL Hindware
  • Classica Vitreous
  • Eva Sanitary Wares
  • Chaoshen Sanitary Ware
  • Ningbo Huiye Sanitary Ware  
  • NT Stainless
  • Hangzhou Yeed Sanitarywares Co., Ltd
  • Noble Sanitarywares
  • Reliance Sanitary Wares
  • Seagull sanitarywares
  • Son Ceramic
  • Sonica Ceramic
  • Weifang Liuyao


  • The Cecon Group Inc.
  • CERAM Industry Solutions
  • Jeffery Wilson
  • Suleyman
  • Chelliah Sriskandarajah
  • Kocbas
  • Richard L. Lehman

Patent  and Technology

  • Production of Sanitary ware
  • Moulding compositions for the production of sanitary-ware
  • Backed Sanitary Ware and Process
  • High Pressure Casting Method for Sanitary Ware
  • Combination of Sanitary Ware and Fitting
  • Sanitary Ware Packaging
  • Sanitary Ware
  • Method of Making Molded Sanitary Ware Articles
  • Evolution of Proprietary Technologies
  • CSIR Technology


  • Massage Bath Tub
  • Ceramic  Products
  • Water Stone Sink Products
  • List of Sanitary Ware Products
  • Flamingo Bath Tubs
  • Sanitary Ware Product List
  • List of Sanitary Wares Products
  • You Sea Sanitary Ware Products
  • Market Survey Report - 2007
  • Kaolin Industry Sanitary ware Market
  • Bath and Sanitary Ware Market
  • Euro ceramics -'Tiled for growth'
  • Solutions for manufacturers of sanitary ware
  • HSIL Sanitary ware Market
  • Lecico Credit Analysis
  • Iron and Metal Sanitary Ware Manufacturing Economic Census
  • Market Trends 2006
  • Indian Faucets Market Overview
  • World Sanitaryware Market Overview
  • UK Market for Baths and Showers 
  • Parryware Market condition
  • Western European Market for Sanitaryware
  • Euroceramics
  • RAK Ceramics


  • Ceramic Sanitaryware
  • Sanitary Ware Financial Report
  • Ireland Sanitaryware report
  • Hindustan Sanitaryware Report
  • The shine in sanitaryware
  • BLP Final Report


  • Sanitary Ware Project Information
  • Reinforced plastics for cost effective sanitary ware
  • Cersanit Invest
  • Gava Sanitary Ware Project
  • Ceram Sanitary Ware Project

Manufacturers and Equipments Suppliers

  • Akhand Exports Inc.
  • Sanitary Wares Dealers
  •  Indian Suppliers of Sanitary Wares
  • Exporters of Sanitary Wares
  • Malaysian Suppliers of Sanitary Wares
  • Manufacturers of Sanitary Wares
  • Scottland Exporters of Sanitary Wares
  • Sanitary Ware Sellers
  • Suppliers of Sanitary Wares
  • Swastik Sanitarywares Ltd
  • Trade Leads of Sanitary Wares
  • Sanitary Wares Whole Salers
  • Kiln Equipments Suppliers
  • Riedhammer GmbH Industrial kiln Suppliers


  • Sanitary Wares Foreign Buyers
  • Importers of Sanitary Wares
  • Sanitary Wares Buyers List

 Safety and Guides

  • Safety Guidelines for Ceramic Tile and Sanitaryware Manufacturing
  • Sanitary Ware Guidelines
  • Agenda for Sanitary ware Manufacturers
  • Bathroom Manufacturers Association Guide

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