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  • Vansaspati ghee is a fully or partially hydrogenated vegetable cooking oil, often used as a cheaper substitute for ghee.
  • Ghee is an essential and nutritional element in much of Indian cuisine.
  • It has a rich, buttery taste and aroma.
  • Vanaspati Ghee is made from hydrogenated vegetable oils.
  • In India, vanaspati ghee is usually made from palm oil.
  • Hydrogenation is performed using a catalyst known as "supported nickel catalyst", in reactors at low-medium pressure (3-10 bar).
  • It is white and grainy (danedaar) in texture and is favored for deep-frying and making sweets and snacks.
  • All the trans fats are essentially artificial, although there are some 'trans fats' found naturally in foods of animal origin (beef, mutton and dairy products).
  • Vanaspati ghee is manufactured from partially hydrogenated permitted vegetable oils.
  • When vanaspati is made, trans fatty acids are also produced; these increase the risk of heart disease when consumed in excess and are best avoided.
  • Dalda Vanaspati is very popularly used as it is of superior quality.

General Facts

  • Vanaspati Ghee
  • General facts
  • Important facts
  • General Introduction


  • Suppliers
  • Selling leads
  • Manufacturers
  • Vanaspati Ghee suppliers

Processing & Plant

  • Manufacturing process
  • Processing of Vanaspati Ghee
  • Vanaspati Ghee manufacturing process
  • Processing Plant Turnkey Project
  • Vanaspati plants
  • Mantora Groups

Raw materials Suppliers

  • Corn oil
  • Cotton seed oil
  • Mahua oil
  • Palm oil
  • Rapeseed oil
  • Soyabean oil
  • Sunflower
  • Sunflower oil
  • Watermelon seed oil

Equipment suppliers

  • Vanaspati plants suppliers
  • Hydrogenation plant suppliers
  • Edible oil refinery & vanaspati plants


  • Health promotion Report
  • Corporate Information
  • Quality control of food
  • Estimation of Residual Nickel and Some Heavy Metals in Vanaspati Ghee
  • Impact of Trade Liberalization on India’s Oilseed and Edible oils sector
  • Ghee: Its Chemistry, Processing and Technology
  • Food processing in India


  • Vanaspati
  • Illegally Adulterated Vanaspati Ghee Sold Throughout India, Business Leaders Report
  • Vanaspati Ghee
  • Technical Market Outlook
  • Unfit for Consumption
  • Ghee mandi rates
  • Sanwaria Agro Oils

Health Effects

  • Is butter oil better than vanaspati?
  • Health benefits of Ghee
  • Ghee and its Health Benefits
  • To avoid vanaspati, stay off chips and fast food

Company profiles & Project

  • Company from Alwar
  • Company from Gujarat
  • Company from Haryana
  • Types of Food Adulteration
  • Vanaspati Ghee Project
  • Adulteration

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