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  • Intravenous fluids may be classified into crystalloids, colloids, and blood products (box).
  • Crystalloids are substances that form a true solution and pass freely through a semipermeable membrane.
  • Colloids are substances that do not dissolve into a true solution and do not pass through a semipermeable membrane.
  • The administration of intravenous fluids is one of the most common and universal interventions in medicine.
  • Intravenous fluids can supply two things: fluid volume and electrolytes.
  • These fluids are usually provided to acutely expand intravascular volume, to correct an underlying imbalance in fluids or electrolytes or to
    compensate for an ongoing problem that is affecting either fluid or electrolytes.
  • Two IV solutions are used for acute volume expansio. They are Normal Saline (0.9%) and Lactated Ringer's Solution.
  • Normal Saline is nothing more than salt water at a concentration that is isotonic with the blood (154 mM sodium).
  • Wide use of hypotonic IV solutions is for hydration therapy.
  • Warmed intravenous fluids used in hypothermic patients.
  • Chilled IV fluids can be much more effective for the induction of hypothermia than commonly assumed, but they must be administered very rapidly to avoid heat gains in IV tubing.
  • Management of intravenous (IV) fluids must be optimized perioperatively to avoid tissue hypoperfusion or fluid overload.
  • The IVPC facility was especially created for international markets to provide countries with an indigenous capacity to produce the basic  components for their own high quality medical care , as well as high-valued products for export.
  • Engineers and technical staff are constantly enhancing IVPC technology to create more effective and validatable methods of filling and packaging  sterile pharmaceutical, biological and medical products.
  • IVPC technology provides a major improvement over the traditional manufacturing methodology and resultant product quality for IV solutions.
  • The IVPC machinery includes a custom-engineered PLC control system, with customized screens and available SCADA capabilities.
  • Field intravenous reconstitution (FIVR) is envisioned to be an integrated medical component system .
  • The above FIVR produces a variety of packaged IV fluids in large quantities to support field medical treatment facilities (MTF) that provide emergency resuscitative surgery and critical care.
  • The objective of FIVR is to design and develop an FDA-approved Environmental Protection Agency-quality water-source processing device
    consisting of integrated medical grade components.
  • The goal of intravenous fluid (IV) administration is to carefully achieve and maintain a euvolemic and isotonic environment within the body as well as to provide for a variety of nutritional and pharmacologic interventions.
  • Plant with capacity of 25,000 bottles of half liters per day will need an investment of  about INR 15 Millions, according to consultants

General Information

  • Intravenous Fluids
  • Understanding fluid balance: Types of intravenous fluids
  • An Update on Intravenous Fluids 


  • Consultants from California
  • Consultants from Minnesota
  • Consultants from Orgeon
  • Consultants from Switzerland
  • Consultants from USA

Company Profiles

  • Company from USA
  • Company from Bangladesh
  • Company from India
  • Company from Korea

Turnkey Provider

  • Turnkey Providers from Australia
  • Turnkey Providers from Canada
  • International Turnkey Providers
  • Turnkey Providers from South Africa
  • Turnkey Providers from USA

Production Process

  • Evaluation of a New IV Fluid and Blood Warming System to Prevent Air Embolism
  • Intravenous Fluids process
  • Medical Grade Water Generation for Intravenous Fluid Production on Exploration Missions
  • Critical Steps in Preparation of IV fluids
  • An Experimental Study of Warming Intravenous Fluid in a Cold Environment

Therapeutic process

  • Intravenous fluid therapy: a randomized controlled trial to investigate the effectiveness of the IV2TM flow medical device
  • Pre-operative intravenous fluid therapy with crystalloids or colloids on post-operative nausea & vomiting
  • Intravenous fluid therapy
  • Intravenous Fluid Therapy during Prolonged Surgery
  • Intravenous Fluid Therapy in Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever
  • Domiciliary Intravenous Fluid therapy in children

Medicinal Uses

  • Intravenous fluids for abdominal aortic surgery
  • Perioperative Intravenous Fluids in Children
  • The Effectiveness of Rapidly Infused Intravenous Fluids for Inducing Moderate Hypothermia in Neurosurgical Patients
  • Intravenous fluid requirements in laparoscopic versus open sigmoid resections
  • The Choice of Intravenous Fluids for Resuscitation in Hypovolaemic Shock


  • Parenterals, IV Fluids & Admixtures
  • Heller-valve Method of Intravenous Fluid Administration in Neonatal Surgery
  • Methods for warming intravenous fluid in small volumes
  • Rapid Detection of Contaminated Intravenous Fluids Using the Limulus In Vitro Endotoxin Assay
  • Making Our Own IV Fluid


  • Intravenous fluid heat exchanger
  • Wearable intravenous fluid heater
  • Intravenous fluid delivery system with air elimination
  • Method for monitoring infusion of intravenous fluid into a patient
  • Automated intravenous fluid regulating and administering apparatus
Risky Effects & Properties
  • Effect of Intravenous Fluids on Blood Pressure Course during Hemodialysis in Hypotensive-Prone Patients
  • In-Use Contamination of Intravenous Infusion Fluid
  • Effects of Intravenous Fluid Restriction on Postoperative Complications: Comparison of Two Perioperative Fluid Regimens
  • Effect of Intravenous Fluid Supplementation on Serum Bilirubin Level in Jaundiced Healthy Neonates during Conventional Phototherapy
  • Principles of fluid & electrolyte balance in surgical patients
  • Intravenous Fluid Resuscitation
  • Microbiological quality of some brands of intravenous fluids produced in Nigeria
  • IV Fluids - Adult health
  • Physiologic Effects of Intravenous Fluid Administration in Healthy Volunteers
Management & Regulation
  • Audit Assessing Intravenous Fluid Prescribing On Paediatric Wards
  • British Consensus Guidelines on Intravenous Fluid Therapy for Adult Surgical Patients
  • Intravenous fluid therapy; qualifications of licensed practical nurses to administer;
    definitions; rules and regulations; advisory committee established; prohibitions; exceptions
  • Hypotonic vs isotonic saline solutions for intravenous fluid management of acute infections
  • Intravenous Fluid & Medication Resource Manual
  • Policy for The Administration of Intravenous Fluids at John Taylor Hospice
  • Intravenous fluid regulation


  • I.V. Fluid (International Standard) Project
  • IV Production Center Introduction
  • Fluids Project
  • Intravenous Fluid Production Unit

Report & Guide

  • Intravenous Fluid Administration and Controversies in Acid-Base
  • The clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of pre-hospital intravenous fluids in trauma patients
  • Intravenous Fluids: It’s More Than Just “Fill ’Er Up!
  • Safer Use of Epidural Medicines
  • Workshop report on rationalisation of intravenous fluids
  • Intravenous Fluid Selection
  • Guidelines for the starting of IVs
  • Women and Children’s Directorate
    Intravenous fluid guidelines

Raw Material Suppliers

  • Potable water suppliers
  • Pharmaceutical grade chemicals suppliers
  • Plastic/container fittings  suppliers
  • Package finishing suppliers
  • Label material suppliers

Medical Equipment Suppliers

  • IV Solutions & Medication Delivery Systems
  • Fluid Delivery Products
  • Metering device for IV fluid flow
  • Blow-Fill-Seal Machine for I.V. Fluids
  • Intravenous Fluid Warmer
  • IV Fluid Infusion Warmer


  • Suppliers from India
  • Suppliers from Maharashtra
  • IV Fluid Suppliers


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