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  • Iodine and its derivatives are indispensable in a wide range of nutritional, pharmaceutical and industrial applications
  • Around 6 thousand metric tons of iodine are being recycled annually and sold back to the merchant market as fresh product, mostly to the same companies who originated the recyclable iodine stream . This amount corresponds to approximately 18% of the total world iodine demand, and is additional to the internal recycling done by iodine users, who have included iodine recovery as part or of their regular productive processes.
  • Main drivers for recycling are savings in costs as well as environmental and regulatory considerations
  • Iodine recovery sources are: Chemical synthesis where iodine is used as an intermediate
    Iodine recycling from production of fluorochemicals
    Iodine recycling from organic molecule synthesis
    Iodine recycling from production of LCD optical film polarizers
    Iodine producers play a major role in iodine recycling, leading recovery worldwide.
  • About Iodine
  • Fact Sheet
  • Iodine Chemistry & Applications
Project Information
  • Project consisting of Iodine recovery
  • Commercial iodine recovery
  • Project Consultancy contacts
  • Equipment supplier
  • Iodine recycling equipment supplier
  • Supplier contact information
Technology Information
  • Extraction methods for iodine from crude oil
  • Submerged Combustion Process
  • Iodine 125 production
  • Iodine 129
  • Liquid membranes, iodide separation
  • Separation and Recovery of Iodine from Aqueous Solution
  • Sulphur Iodine Process
  • Iodine from the Waste Rinse Water
    of the Semiconductor Industry


Technology  Sources
  • Company with technology
  • about Iodine extraction agreement
  • Processing Brine streams
  • Specialist in the exploration and production of iodine and specialty chemical iodine derivatives
  • Water Splitting
  • Iodine Recovery
  • Apparatus for recovery of Iodine
  • Iodine recovery from solutions containing iodine salt
  • Recovery & Purification of Iodine
  • Iodine recovery from Organic Iodides
  • Process for the recovery of Iodine
  • Method of recovery of Iodine
  • Recovery of Iodine from Process Stream
  • Iodine recovery method & recovery apparatus


  • Recovery of Radioactive
Market Scenario
  • Global Iodine Recycling Scenario
  • World Iodine Production
  • Production & Consumption
  • Iodine production and
    industrial applications
  • Iodine Global Network
  • Company in Iodine reclamation

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