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  • Dehydrated vegetables are very popular in food industries. Dehydration means removal of water from freshly prepared vegetables. Vegetables which have to dehydrate are cut down in the small pieces or in desired shaves with the help of a suitable cutter. They kept under the oven so that it can remove water by the process of evaporation. They have less volume and mass so that it is easy to transport and deal with them.
  • While preparing a salad or biryani or burger, a topping that can bring an excellent taste can be fried onions
  • Fried onions do not mess the kitchen and are very easy to use
  • Fried onions are not that harmful for cholesterol or even for heart patients as they misinterpret it to be. The only thing is that they should not be deep fried.
  • Dehydrated Onion And Other Spices like garlic and cumin can simply be picked up off the shelves of the market and use them whenever required
  • Fried Onions will add an aromatic depth of flavour to any curry dish
  • There are Machineries available for washing, cutting, peeling , drying , frying and packaging of Onion
  • Many food processing factories lack facilities and machinery for frying onion and find it easy to use dried, fried onions
  • The Market for pre-cooked onions is substantial and will be acceptable to Large Food processing factories, Big restaurant Chains such as KFC , McDonald and others
  • Onion processing help the Farmers get higher value realization
  • The Market for dried, fried onion is to be developed by the manufacturers as it is done in the developed world to bring benefit to not only the Farmers but also the Food Processing Industry as a whole
  • ONION: Post-harvest Operations
  • Deep Fat Frying
  • Recipes where deep fried onions are used
  • Recipe

Project & Technology Information

  • Dehydrated Onion - project brief
  • Sliced & Fried Onion
  • Product Specification
  • Technical Product Specification
  • Extruded Fried Onion Ring Pellet Snacks Turnkey project offer
  • Vacuum Drying
  • Vacuum Drying of Foods
  • Drying of welsh onion by far infrared radiation under vacuum conditions
  • Storage Manual
  • Quality Certification
Machinery Suppliers
  • Machinery from India
  • Extruded Fried Onion Ring Pellet Snacks Production Project
  • Dehydrator room/onion dehydrator machine
  • Dehydrated onion machine/microwave drying herbs machine
  • Fried Onion rings processing machinery
  • Onion Cutting Machine
  • Onion Peeling Machine
  • Onion Dehydration Plant
  • Onion Frying machinery
  • Packing machinery for fried onion
  • Machinery supplier - contact
  • Stainless steel fried onion rings making machine
  • Machinery - China
  • Machinery - USA
  • Fried onion rings making machine/machinery

Companies & Products

  • Company in Gujarat
  • Company in China
  • Dehydrated Food
  • Company contacts
  • Company in Gujarat
  • Company - Manufacturer
  • Company & Product specification
  • IQF Onion Diced


  • Market for cooked of Onion for Food Processing & Food Service applications
  • List of Manufacturers in India
  • Fried Onions from India
  • Uses

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