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  • Flyash Bricks are grey in colour. They are solid and have plane rectangular faces with parallel sides and sharp straight and right angled edges.
  • FaL-G bricks and blocks are alternative building materials to the traditional burnt clay bricks and are substitutes to the traditional burnt bricks used for construction.
  • Raw materials required for manufacturing of bricks are Flyash, lime gypsum and sand (optional).
  • The manufacturing process s of bricks broadly consists of three operations viz. mixing the ingredients,pressing the mix in machine and curing the bricks for stipulated period.
  • Fly ash is mixed with lime & gypsum. Chemical accelerator may or may not be added to it. This mix is moulded under pressure. Air / sun drying may be done. Then this green brick is water cured.
  • In presence of moisture, fly ash reacts with lime at ordinary temperature and forms a compound possessing cementitious properties. After reactions between lime and flyash, calcium silicate hydrates are produced which are responsible for the high strength of the compound.
  • Production process of FaL-G bricks and blocks does not involve sintering and thus completely eliminates the burning of fossil fuels as required in the clay brick production, ultimately contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The technology adopted for making fly ash bricks is eco-friendly. It does not require steaming or auto calving as the bricks are cured by water only. Since the firing process is avoided, there are no emissions and no effluent is discharged.
  • The excellent engineering property and durability of fly ash brick enlarges its scope for application in building construction and development of infrastructure, construction of pavements, dams, tanks, under water works, canal lining and irrigation work etc.
  • The growing demand for fal-g bricks (fly ash bricks) has prompted Visakhapatnam-based Eco Sphere Building Materials Private Limited to set up a large scale high-capacity automation fal-g bricks manufacturing unit in the city at an invest of about Rs 10 crore.
  • Andhra Pradesh has about 2,000 small-scale units producing about 4 billion bricks per year. The demand for these brick is about 30 billion a year.
General and  Process
  • Tab Bricks
  • Let home dreams turn to ash
  • Features of Ash Brick
  • Process of manufacturing fly ash bricks
  • Fly ash Utilization in Brick Manufacture
  • Metabolism of cement chemistry
  • Mix Design and Norms for fly ash blended Concrete
  • High Performance Bricks from Fly ash
Company profiles
  • Company in Delhi
  • Company in Tuticorin
  • Company in Visakhapatnam
  • Plant in India
  • Plant in Jharkhand
  • Plant in Coimbatore

Consultants and  Project

  • Consultant in Meerut
  • Consultant in Visakhapatnam
  • Project Consultants
  • Environmental and Social Review for FaL-G Bricks/Blocks Project
  • The FaL-G Brick Project in India
  • India: FaL-G Brick and Block: Micro Industrial Plants
  • Small Scale Project Activity: India-FaL-G Brick and Blocks
  • FaL-G Brick/Block Project
  • Small-Scale CDM Project: The FaL-G Brick Project India
  • Fly Ash Bricks

Patent and Technology

  • Process for producing solid bricks from fly ash, bottom ash, lime, gypsum and calcium carbonate
  • New bricks for better homes
  • Investigation of the possibility of the reutilization of some industrial wastes
  • Environment Friendly Indian Building Material Technologies for Cost Effective Housing
  • Utilization of Waste Material in Brick Making


  • Flyash bricks Suppliers
  • Fal G Bricks Manufacturers
  • Asmita Engineering works
  • Lakshmi Flyash Works
  • Indian Exporters & Manufacturers of Fal G bricks
Raw Materials and its Properties
  • Fly Ash: A Resource Material for Innovative Building Material
  • Effect of heat treatment on properties of steam cured fly ash–lime compacts
  • The reaction between fly ash and lime
  • Dual role of gypsum: Set retarder and strength accelerator
  • Fly ash: The resource for construction industry
  • Cementitious Binder from Fly ash and Other Wastes

Market and Report

  • Drive for greater use of fly ash
  • Flyash Building blocks for the Future introduction
  • Flyash disposal - INSWAREB shows the way
  • World Bank issues LI to buy carbon credits from Fal-G
  • World Bank aid for Fal-G brick units
  • Comparative Analysis of Embodied Energy Rates for Walling Elements in India
  • Emission Reductions Transfer Agreement
  • The Gazette of India- Notification
  • Self-Compacting Concrete: The Emerging concrete Practice for critical applications

Raw Material Suppliers

  • Fly ash Selling Leads
  • Gypsum Manufacturers
  • Lime and Lime Putty- Indian Suppliers
  • Lime - UK suppliers
  • Shree AshTech Enterprises

Machinery Suppliers

  • Conveyor Belt Manufacturers
  • Hopper Suppliers
  • Hydraulic Presses Suppliers
  • Brick Making Machines Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Neptune Industries Ltd
  • Pallet Truck Suppliers
  • Pan Mixer Suppliers
  • Bi-Directional Hydraulic Vibro Press Supplier
  • Astron Overseas Enterprise

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