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  • The word ceramic is derived from the Greek word (keramikos). The term covers inorganic non-metallic materials whose formation is due to the action of heat. The word ceramic can be an adjective, and can also be used as a noun to refer to a ceramic material, or a product of ceramic manufacture. Ceramics is a singular noun referring to the art of making things out of ceramic materials.
  • The technology of manufacturing and usage of ceramic materials is part of the field of ceramic engineering. Many ceramic materials are hard, porous and brittle. The study and development of ceramics includes methods to mitigate problems associated with these characteristics, and to accentuate the strengths of the materials as well as to investigate novel applications.
  • The general process steps used in the production of ceramics include raw material processing, mixing, forming, shape drying, glazing, firing, and finishing. Raw material processing typically includes crushing, grinding, screening, drying, and granulation or powder formation. After initial processing, the raw materials are mixed and formed.
  • The market of ceramic and porcelain tableware in Japan has been stabilized at low levels. Tableware to be used as necessities of life is already saturated, and in the replacement demand due to damage, the imports from China dominate the market with its low price and usefulness, and accordingly it causes whole market’s price decline.
  • Sri Lanka has established a niche for itself in the global market for supplying a wide variety of ceramic products of different size, shape and shades, ranging from tableware to sanitary ware and glazed/polished tiles to ornamental ware. Today, Sri Lanka's ceramic products compete alongside ceramic giants such as Italy, Spain and others of similar standing such as China, Indonesia and Taiwan.
  • Ceramic Industry in India is about 100 years old. It comprises ceramic tiles, sanitary ware and crockery items. Ceramic products are manufactured both in the large and small-scale sector with wide variation in type, size, quality and standard. India ranks 7th in the world in term of production of ceramic tiles and produced 200 million sq. meters of ceramic tiles, out of a global production of 6400 million sq. meters during 2003-04. State-of-the-art ceramic goods are being manufactured in the country and the technology adopted by the Indian ceramic Industry is of international standard.
  •  The sample population characterized by small companies growing slowly and diversifying in small incremental changes. 64% of firms in the sample have reported an increase in the level of competition between 1996 and 2001. Among the main competitors, little over half of the firms have competitors overseas, whilst around 40% of the firms have local or competitors elsewhere in the UK.
  • China and Ball Clay including the Spray Drying of Ceramics
  • Ceramic Colour Management System
  • New Manufacturing Process Technology
  • Ceramic decoration industry
  • Pottery Production Technology
  • Pottery Making Techniques
  • Superceramic

Manufacturing Process

  • Economic Impact Analysis of the Clay Ceramics Manufacturing
  • Ceramic Industry-Handy Manual
  • Computer-Integrated Ceramics Manufacturing
  • Multi-Layer Ceramics Manufacturing
  • Ceramic Manufacturing Process
  • Manufacturing Methods
  • Pottery Production

Investment and Production

  • Tableware Ceramic Industry
  • Ceramic Industry Production
  • Ceramic Production in the Banda Area
  • Capacity and Production
  • Trade and Investment Highlights
  • Ceramic Production at Guad-88


  • Microwave Stable Tableware
  • Decoration method
  • Decorative Pottery
  • Glazing compositions for ceramic articles   
  • Method for Decorating Articles
  • Process for the Production of Decorated Tableware
  • Ceramic Production Process

Government Regulations

  • Bangladesh’s trade policies
  • Tariff
  • Commission Regulation
  • EU Regulation
  • Information Sheet

Company Profiles and Plant details

  • Ceram
  • The Perfect Pottery Company Limited
  • Dominican Pottery
  • Dudson
  • Hotsun
  • Shenzhen Huawei Porcelain Industrial Co., Ltd
  • Hunan Hualian China Industry Co., Ltd
  • King World China Art Industrial Co., Ltd.
  • Ming Chao Porcelain Co., Ltd
  • Sheric Trading Company Limited
  • Taihur International Co. Ltd
  • Ferro Plans Closure of Ceramics Manufacturing Plant in 2007
  • Libbey

Companies List

  • AIPMA member list
  • Ceramics companies India
  • Directory of Companies
  • The Indian Ceramic Society
  • Exporters List
  • Ceramic Colors
  • Promote Life Project
  • Project for the Practical Application
  • Context and potential impacts


  • Dr Daniela Büchler
  • Digitalfire Ceramic Consultants Database
  • Harper & Associates
  • Expert in Glass and ceramic plant
  • Pepin & Company
  • Zen Kikuchi


  • Export Prospects of Ceramic and Ceramic Based Products
  • Seminar
  • Ceramic, Porcelain and Glass Tableware
  • Ceramic, Porcelain and Glass Tableware Outline
  • Engineering Ceramics Market Outlook
  • A Life-Cycle and Economic Analysis
  • The Market
  • Sanitary ware and ceramic tiles
  • Electronics Market Research
  • Ceramic & Porcelain Products
  • Ceramic and Porcelain Tableware Import Trends
  • Ceramic and Porcelain Tableware Market in US


  • Annual Report 2006
  • Glazed Porcelain
  • Questions and Answers about
    Lead in Ceramic Tableware
  • Churchill Annual Report
  • Ceramic Sanitaryware
  • The Ceramic Supply Sector
  • Ceramic Toxic Materials List


  • Cutting Machines, Water Jet, for Ceramic Materials
  • Lathes for Ceramic Products
  • Magnetic Separators for Ceramic Materials
  • Mills for Ceramic Materials
  • Presses, Sintering, for Ceramics
  • Screening and Sifting Equipment for Ceramic Materials
  • Ball Mills Exporters and Manufacturers
  • Foreign Exporters and Manufacturers
  • Blunger Exporters
  • Crusher Suppliers
  • Roller Kiln Suppliers
  • Rotary Dryer Suppliers
  • Spray Dryer Suppliers


  • Chinese Suppliers
  • Ceramic Supplier
  • Suppliers Directory
  • Foreign Exporters and Manufacturers
  • Indian Exporters and Manufacturers
  • Selling Leads


  • Buy Offers
  • Foreign Importers and Buyers
  • Indian Importers and Buyers
  • Buyers List

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