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  • Bone china is a type of porcelain body in which calcined ox bone  is a major constituent. It is characterised by high whiteness, translucency and strength.
  • It is stronger than hard-paste porcelain and easier to manufacture.
  • Its ivory white appearance is created by adding bone ash to the ingredients for hard-paste porcelain.
  • Bone china is the toughest of porcelains and does indeed contain bones. Bone ash makes up the greatest part of the formula for bone china, with the balance of the formula containing kaolin and petuntse.
  • Strength is provided by the fusion of body ingredients during firing. This unique English pottery body is made from the following: 50% animal bone, 25% china clay, 25% china stone. First or biscuit firing 1200 C - 1300 C. Second or glost firing 1050 C - 1100 C.
  • Making bone china involves several steps. The clays and bone ash must be mixed together with water, then the slurry is formed into large cylinders that are sliced and formed with plaster molds into dishes, bowls, cups and other pieces. The pieces are taken from the molds, given a rough cleaning to remove the excess clay and any lumps or other imperfections, then fired in a kiln at about 2,300° Fahrenheit 
  • After being fired, the pieces are polished, re-heated, glazed, then fired again to set the glaze. Glazed pieces are then decorated, either by a machine or by hand. They are then re-fired to set the decorations and inspected. Imperfect pieces may be destroyed or sold as "seconds." The pieces are then packaged and sent to retail stores.
  • There are four main processes involved in creating china: Clay making, Mold making, Glazing, Decorating.
  • Bone china comes in a variety of designs, so the homeowner has an array of choices. Almost every decor imaginable is applied to bone china. Some designs may include flowers, fruit, geometric designs, lacy swirls, animals, or even holiday motifs.
  • The new bone china is about 25 percent more expensive than the ordinary porcelain made here while depending on the market the new product could be 25 to 30 percent cheaper than genuine bone china.
General Information
  • Bone china
  • The Most Significant Discovery in the History of the Industry : Fine Bone China
  • Types and Examples of Pottery
  • China Ware
  • Antiques - what is bone china?

Company Profiles

  • Company from Asia
  • Indian Company from Jaipur
  • Company from Hong Kong
  • Indian Company from Uttar Pradesh
  • Indian Company from Gujarat
  • Company from London
  • Company from United Kingdom
  • Indian Company from New Delhi
  • Company from India
  • Company from Bangkok
  • UK Company
  • Company from Ireland.
  • Company from Bangladesh


  • Sunshine – Resistant Onglaze Colours for Bone China, Vitreous China, Earthenware, and Porcelain
  • Hydroxyapatite – Synthesis of Hydroxyapatite Powders
  • Bone China Process through bone ash
  • Making of bone china
  • Water-thinnable Painting and Lining Medium No. 46 for Porcelain, Bone China, Vitreous China, Earthenware and Glass
  • Silkscreening Oil No. 208 and No. 208/thix.for Porcelain, Bone China, Earthenware, Glass and Enamel
  • How Bone China Works


  • The ceramic and Kutani technique
  • Chinese porcelain  Technique
  • Investigation into the use of Laponite as a Poulticing Material in Ceramics Conservation
  • Synthesis and Characterization of Hydroxyapatite-Ciprofloxacin Delivery Systems by Precipitation and Spray Drying Technique


  • The Wedding Collections
  • Commemorative Set of Bone China Cup, Saucer and Cake Plate.
  • Bone China - Made in England
  • Fine Bone China Plates for Anniversaries, Presentations and Commemorative Events
  • Bone China Products Catalogue
  • Fine Bone China - Classic Line
  • Noritake - Fine Bone China Vases
  • Rimmed dinner set

Project & Consultant

  • Project profiles on crockery, chemical porcelain ware
  • Glass & Ceramic Sector
  • Consultant from London
  • Consultant from US


  • Bone China Mugs
  • Fine Bone China mugs Dorset shape
  • Tuscan Bone China Asian Gold Red Decor Plate
  • Noritake® Manassa White Bone China
  • Luxury Picnic Sets in Bone China
  • Bone china tea set


  • Bone China
  • Bone China and Method of Making it
  • Production of Bone China
  • Glaze compositions
  • Synthetic Bone Ash
  • Lead-free glaze or enamel for use on ceramic bodies

Market & Report

  • Bone China Opportunities in industry
  • English potters a dominant force in tableware market
  • Sri Lanka ceramics eye another Oscar for acting bone china
  • Ceramic giftware - Withstanding market fragmentation
  • Bone China by Fortessa becomes a mainstay of fine tabels
  • Noritake showcase its internationally famous Bone China tableware by presenting a set to Sri Lanka President
  • Making pots on Bone China

Raw Material Suppliers

  • Alkalies Suppliers
  • Alumina Suppliers
  • Bone Ash Suppliers
  • China Clay Suppliers
  • Lime Suppliers
  • Silica Suppliers
  • China Stone Suppliers

Suppliers & Machinery Suppliers

  • Suppliers of Bone China
  • Supplier from UK
  • Bone China Manufacturer / Suppliers
  • Exporters of Bone China
  • Bone China global Suppliers
  • Selling Leads of Bone China
  • Traders of Bone China
  • Bone China Manufacturers
  • Ceramic thermal and acoustic insulation product manufacturing machinery and equipment suppliers
  • Chinaware Casting Machine
  • Porcelain, bone china, earthenware, stoneware and other ceramic production plant and equipment (Worldwide)
  • Bone China Buyers List 1

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