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  • Banana paper is used in two different senses: to refer to a paper made from the bark of the banana tree, mainly used for artistic purposes, or paper made from banana fiber, obtained from an industrialized process, from the stem and the non utilizable fruits. This paper can be either hand-made or made by industrialized machine.
  • Banana fiber is a natural fiber with high strength, which can be blended easily with cotton fiber or other synthetic fibers to produce blended fabric & textiles. It is mainly used by cottage industry in Southern India at present.
  • Banana Fiber also finds use in high quality security/ currency paper, packing cloth for agriculture produce, ships towing ropes, wet drilling cables etc.
  • Philippines and Japan are the countries using banana fiber on large scale for commercial production of variety of textile items.
  • The Processing steps of banana paper making are: 1.Gathering of Banana Stems, 2.Cutting of Materials, 3.Pulping  machine (simple system using only water), 4.Making Paper (hand making method without any paste).
  • Technology includes the scientific know-how, processes, machinery and equipment necessary to convert banana tree trunk into paper. The technology is unique and fits between the conventional pulp & paper technology and the lumber veneering and custom wood technologies.
  • A technology turning banana waste into paper is gearing up to go commercial. And it has several distinct market advantages  a commercially viable cost structure, superior product and positive environmental benefits. Recycled Paper is made from both virgin tree-fibres and recycled fibres with one exception, and that is 100% post-consumer paper which is made from 100% recycled fibres. Therefore, trees are still cut to make most recycled paper.
  • Banana papermaking seems to be the only avenue for utilising sustainable resource most appropriately. If all the banana plants were harvested and their fibre extracted from the trunk, around 2.1 lakh tonnes of the fibre would be available per annum, yielding 1.65 lakh tonnes of handmade paper. Bearing in mind that Indiaís production of handmade was estimated to be a mere 27,000 tonnes in 2002-03, with the main raw material  cotton rags.
  • Though the total cost of manufacturing banana paper is as high as Rs 200 per kg, a manufacturer often has a profit margin of Rs 200-220 per kg, with the handmade paper selling at Rs 400-420 per kg. The paperís value-added products such as gift wrappers, envelopes and stationery items fetch much higher prices.
  • There are many Patents on Pulping, Paper making and related fields
  • Automatic paper production, Semi automatic paper production  and cottage level technologies are practiced - needing wide variation in Investment Levels
  • Project for 3 tons/ month is possible in handmade process
  • Project with simple machinery to produce about 30 tons/ year of Paper & Boards need an investment of 10 lakhs
  • Where as 30 tons/ day project might require an investment of 10 crores according to some consultants
  • Banana paper
  • Information on Banana Paper
  • History of paper making
  • Handmade Banana Paper
  • Paper Making
Making Process
  • How banana Paper is made
  • Banana Hand Paper Making Process
  • Representation of how paper is handmade
  • Banana Paper - The process
  • Process Research
  • The Process of Banana Paper Making
  • Extraction & degumming of Banana Fibers
  • Production of Handmade Paper
  • Steps in the the elaboration of paper from banana bunch stems
  • Hand Made Paper Making Process
Company Profiles
  • Enterprises
  • Australian Company
  • Paper House
  • Costa Rica Company
  • Exotic  Company
  • A.L. Paper House
  • Agro fiber company
  • Company contact
  • Mass production of paper fibers from banana stalks
  • Fabric and Fabric Article Made from Plant Material
  • Method for Making Paper Nuggets from Waste Paper
  • Process for converting tropical plant material into fibers
  • Enzymatic treatment of pulp
  • Process for converting tropical plant material into fibers
  • Pulp from waste paper
  • Pulp from fibrous plants
  • Converting plant materials to pulp
  • Banana Bags
  • Technology
  • Making Banana Paper in a Country of Bananas
  • Recycled Paper
  • Turning Banana Trees into Paper
  • Paper from banana waste
  • Appetising move: Paper from banana stem
  • Paper & Boards from Banana Stem Waste
  • Going bananas on recycling
  • Technology Contacts
  • Technology Institute
  • Technology for Pulp production
  • Kenaf & Jute Pulp manufacturing


  • Project Brief - India
  • Project Outline - Japan
  • Consultant for project report
  • Project Profile on Banana Fiber Processing and Textile Unit
  • Process for extraction of banana fibre and production of utility
  • Banana fibre for craft industry
  • Earth Project
  • Papermaking Project
  • Recycled Paper Project  
  • Papermaking Project
  • Recycled Paper Project Ecuador
  • Project Contacts


  • Jamaica Banana Paper Factory
  • Banana paper maker moves into former Mitsubishi plant
  • Australia Company
  • Ripasa
  • Indian Company
Products and Applications
  • Banana Fibre Products
  • List of Banana Fibre Products
  • Applications of Banana Paper
  • Banana Bags supplier
  • Banana Fiber Bag
  • Bag from Banana stem
  • Making banana stem fiber bags
  • Many Products
  • The fibre of the banana tree is a sustainable resource to manufacture paper
  • Turning banana waste into profit and choosing the right markets
  • Handmade paper from rags and trash
  • Marketing set to start in Australia  
  • Company in Australia
  • Bananas take on paper market
  • Indian Exporter
  • Banana Stem
  • Banana Cultivation
  • Malaysian Industry
  • Tree free papers
  • High ridge banana growers and marketing association 
  • Fibre Optimistic
  • Corporate Report
  • All is good with the banana tree
  • Banana fibre emerging good business proposition
  • Low-cost banana fibre extractor
  • Performance of central Coir Research Institute for the Past 50 Years
  • Company Annual Report 2008
  • Company Annual Report 2007
  • Company Annual Report 2006
Raw Materials Suppliers
  • Non Wood Pulps as raw materials
  • New Raw Material
  • Exporters of banana fibre
  • Exporters of banana fibre
  • Rags Suppliers
  • Resins Suppliers
  • Banana regions
  • Banana pseudo-stems
  • Jute
  • Jute Market
  • World Jute
  • Directory of wholesale agricultural produce markets in India
Suppliers and  Buyers
  • Asia Pacific Resources
  • Century Papers
  • Exporters of Banana Paper
  • Banana Paper Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Lotus Handicrafts
  • Paper Nature
  • International Firm
  • Foreign Importers & Buyers
  • List of Companies
Equipments Suppliers
  • NSIC India - turnkey projects
  • Banana Fiber Extruder
  • Paper Mill Machines
  • Paper making machines - India
  • Pulp Machines - turnkey offer
  • Chinese Production Line
  • Chinese Machines
  • Fiber separation Machine / Vibrating Screen
  • Hot drying chambers
  • Hot air generator
  • Calendaring Machine Suppliers
  • Presses
  • Paper Making Machine Suppliers
  • Surya paper machines
  • Japanese Machine
  • Century Machines
  • Pulp Plant for Packaging
  • Banana Bag making machinery


  • Guidelines for Formulation of Project Proposals for Hand Made Paper
  • Mechanical Properties of Banana Fibres
  • Ecological Guide to Paper
  • Waste Paper
  • Video Banana Company
  • Video Link
  • More Video Clip Links
  • Banana Paper products - Picture Gallery - link

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