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  • Afforestation is the establishment of a forest or stand of trees in an area where there was no forest.
  • Reforestation is the reestablishment of forest cover, either naturally (by natural seeding, coppice, or root suckers) or artificially (by direct seeding or planting).
  • Many governments and non-governmental organizations directly engage in programs of afforestation to restore forests, increase carbon capture and sequestration, and help to preserve biodiversity.
  • Because of the extensive Amazon deforestation during the last decades and ongoing, the small efforts of afforestation are insignificant on a national scale of the Amazon Rainforest.
  • Their afforestation programme not only reduced landslides, but also solved the problem of fuel and fodder.
  • Reforestation and afforestation have both been integrated as forestry-based mitigation schemes into the international climate change regime (i.e. the Kyoto Protocol).
  • Both practices entail converting non-forested land to forested land through planting, seeding
    and/or the promotion of seed banks and sources.
  • Afforestation applies to areas that have not been forested for at least 50 years while reforestation applies to land that used to be forested but was turned over to another land use.
  • Afforestation, reforestation, or forest preservation projects that receive payment for ecosystem services, such as carbon sequestration, should mainstream gender.
  • Women should be included in the design and implementation of the projects, as well as in the distribution of benefits.


  • Introduction
  • Before and After Afforestation
  • Afforestation and unemployment
  • Modern Agricultural Awards
  • Forest Resource Division
  • Zero Net Deforestation

Fact sheet

  • Afforestation
  • Afforestation Facts
  • Commercial Afforestation
  • Afforestation Facts
  • Summary Fact sheet
  • Fact Sheet on Climate Change, Biodiversity, Disaster and Environmental Impacts


  • Forest conservation, afforestation and reforestation in India: Implications for forest carbon stocks
  • Biodiversity Assessment of Afforestation Sites
  • Archive for Afforestation
  • National Afforestation Programme (NAP) Scheme: At A Glance
  • National Afforestation and Eco Development Board


  • Method of large scale afforestation
  • System and program for afforestation and/or reforestation business
  • Method for the early afforestation of the useless ground
  • Concrete products for promotion of afforestation
  • Method for afforestation of sands and the like
  • Method of planting trees and growing plants
  • Apparatus and method for forming and compacting planting mounds
  • Method and devices for forestation and flood prevention

Company profiles

  • Company from North America


  • Afforestation
  • Afforestation Project
  • Afforestation of Barren Rocky Land
  • Afforestation Project in Kano and Jigawa State
  • Carbon Offset Project Types
  • Afforestation Projects
  • Assessing effects of afforestation projects in China
  • UNFCCC approves India's first CDM forestry project
  • Afforestation Grant and Premium scheme
  • Himachal's afforestation plan
  • National Afforestation Project
  • Afforestation Projects
  • Augmentation of forest cover in degraded forest areas of Madhya Pradesh
  • Afforestation of cutaway peatlands: site types and species performance
  • Afforestation & Reforestation Projects


  • Development of reforestation techniques at degraded sites in East Kalimantan, Indonesia and southern part of Thailand
  • Reforestation Techniques
  • Reforestation: the challenge and the hope
  • Reforestation feasibility study around the Los Cedros Biological Reserve North- Western Ecuador
  • Reforestation
  • Reforestation Techniques
  • Reforestation Methods
  • Reforestation and Maintenance guidelines

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