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Content Headlines on CD ROM

Process And Technology
  • General Process Description
  • Automatic Paper Cup Former
  • Paper cup Forming Machine
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Process From Paper to Finished cups
  • Make Your Own Paper
  • Making Technology Work

Company Profiles

  • AKR Paper Industries
  • Arpan FP
  • J. Paper Cups
  • Lakshmi Paper Cup
  • Mcmeeking Manufacturing Ltd
  • Reifenhauser Marketing Limited
  • Usage of paper cups is an effort towards saving the environment. Paper cups do not add to the list of the environmental waste as they fall in the category of the biodegradable waste.
  • With awareness towards the issues of the environment the demand for the paper cups have grown up.
  • The demand will certainly grow with the coming regulations against the usage of plastic in many states. 
  • The conventional environmental analysis favors the paper cup because of its use of renewable resource (wood) over a depletable resource (petroleum) whose exploitation and use are judged to have deleterious environmental consequences.
  • The majority of customers take their hot beverages in disposable paper cups lined with polyethylene and topped with a polystyrene lid.
  • Sanitary food containers have been a strong growth market for the paper industry.
  • The average per head usage of disposable cups in India is estimated at 40 per year. This includes plastic, paper and ceramic
  • The total consumption of disposable cups is 40 billion as per estimates. The turnover is of the order of Rs 1,100 crore. Of this, paper cups alone make up about 10 per cent or over Rs 100 crore. The sector has been growing at a rate of 30 per cent in the last few years
  • At present, paper cups, which are recyclable and eco-friendly, are made by the cottage industry sector, with a large number of them concentrated in Tamil Nadu. The users are also predominantly the business process outsourcing companies and nuclear families in urban areas
  • In paper mills, Chlorine is used for bleaching of wood pulp as it is the cheapest bleaching chemical. However, this process generates effluent containing chemicals called dioxins which are known to be carcinogenic.
  • In advanced nations, the use of chlorine is prohibited. Therefore Ozone-treated ECF bleaching for entire pulping operations are in vogue in Paper Mills

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Product Price And Its Applications
  • Color Paper Cups Price
  • Drinkware Products
  • Beverage Cup
  • Frozen Dessert Packaging Solutions
  • Dried soup Mix Packaging Solutions
  • Specialty Products Solutions

Manufacturers, Suppliers And Buyers

  • Paper Cups Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Paper cups Suppliers
  • China Paper Cup Manufacturers
  • Indian Manufacturers
  • Manufacturers And Exporters
  • Manufacturers And Suppliers In India
  • Paper Cup Suppliers
  • Suppliers Directory
  • Trade Leads
  • Traders
  • Paper Cups Buyers List-1
  • Paper Cups Buyers List-2
  • Paper Cups Importers

Plant Details

  • Korea Paper Cup Manufacturing Plant
  • Dixie Cup Company
  • Insulair
  • Solo Cup Company
Machines Supplying companies
  • Ace Pack Co. Ltd
  • Paper Machinery Corporation
  • Ruian City Luzhou Machinery Co Ltd
  • Jayveer Traders
  • Pal Paper Cup Machinery
  • Ruian Paper Cup Forming/making Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd
  • Shahe Import And Export Company
  • Paper Cup Project
  • Disposable Paper Cup Manufacturing
  • Paper Cups Project Info
  • paper-cup candle-making
  • Pal Paper Project Report
  • Starbucks Paper Project
  • Paper Cup Basket


  • Disposable cup market
  • Market in Sanitary Food Containers
  • Paper Products
  • Higher demands for upmarket customized packaging
  • Industrial Market Trends


  • Reusable vs. Disposable Cups
  • Waste Reduction And Recycling
  • Import Of Paper Cups
  • Report on Recycled Paper Products Utilization
  • Report Of the Starbucks Coffee Company
  • Paper Currency
  • Carolina Report
  • Waste Consciousness Leads to the Return of Washable Dishes
  • Patent Quality, Patent design, and Patent Politics
  • United States Patent

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