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Information Profile @ a Glance  
  • Quick freezing is at present the only process whereby virtually all the properties of most foodstuffs can be preserved. The important feature of this process is ultra-rapid freezing to
    very low temperatures
    (-30°C to - 40°C) designed to halt the activities of the microorganisms that cause decay and deteriorate foodstuffs.
  • Individually quick frozen products lock in the essential nutrients and flavor, with optimum color, taste and texture.
  • In IQF, each piece is frozen individually using technique of fluidization resulting in freezing of fruit and vegetables only in 10 to 12 minutes which otherwise takes at least 3 to 4 hours or
    even more in the blast freezer
  • The market for frozen fruits and vegetables is growing both in the domestic and
    international market. Growth in the fast food sector offers outstanding opportunities for IQF operators to enter into supply agreements with restaurant chains, hotels and airlines, catering businesses etc. Frozen fruits and vegetables have a huge market potential not only in India, but there is an excellent export opportunity to Middle East and neighboring countries as well.
About IQF
  • Overview of Advanced IQF Freezers
  • Organic IQF
  • History of Frozen Foods

IQF Technology & Projects

  • Food Freezing Technique
  • Instructions for freezing fruits
  • IQF Freezing and coating
  • Project Outline
  • Model Report
  • Nabard Project Profiles
  • Fish Processing Unit
  • Frozen Fruits and Vegetables
  • IQF Cooked Shrimp
  • The economic feasibility of operating an Individual Quick Freeze (IQF) line

 Machineries Technical Details

  • Cryo-Dip
  • Equipment Specification
  • Flighted Tunnel Freezer
    Cold Front TM
  • FLoFREEZE® M and S IQF Freezers
  • Skaginn IQF Freezer
  • Bed IQF freezer
  • IQF Custom Packing
  • Rotary/tumbler freezer
  • Freezer - Video file
  • Tube Freezer Video File

Beneficial Effects

  • Red Raspberries in market
  • Food Borne Disease
  • Frozen Vegetables and Fruits
  • Gilroy Foods
  • Fluidization IQF
Companies in Relation with IQF
  • Michigan Asparagus Industry
  • Korean Freezing and Cold Storage Plant
  • Food tech Corp.
  • Barry-Wehmiller Companies
  • IQF Frost AB
  • Tropeak®  
  • Indian Exporter


  • IQF technology for Fruits and vegetables
  • IQF of Oysters
  • IQF Of Berries - Video
  •  Couscous - Video file
  • Sea food Processing - Video file
  • Organic zucchini
  • Pork Bangers
  • Frozen Mango Dices
  • Mushroom - Video file
  • Chicken Strips Video file

Market Reports & Cost Estimation

  • Marine fisheries
  • Treatment Technologies and Cost
  • BC Frozen Foods Ltd
  • Sea foods - Case study
  • Novelties of Food Freezing Technology
  • Frozen pasta snack set to revolutionize market
  • Fruit Juices report
  • Suppliers & Exporters -Frozen Vegetables & Fruits
  • Exporters
  • Indo USA Trade
  • Food World India - 2008
  • IQF Strawberry Exporting Market Analysis in 2008

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