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  • Gelcasting is a forming process similar to slip casting for making complex-shaped parts. In gelcasting, a slip of ceramic powders in a solution of organic monomers, is poured into a mold and is polymerized forming a strong, crosslinked solvent-polymer gel filled with the ceramic powder.
  • Gelcasting is a highly versatile fabrication process. It has been used to make parts ranging in size from <1 g to >6 kg. Complex shapes with thin sections as small as 0.2 mm have been gelcast. Conversely, large rods up to 4 inches in diameter have been made.
  • Gelcasting has been demonstrated in most of the major ceramic systems such as alumina, aluminum nitride, boron carbide, ferrites, silicon, silicon carbide, silicon nitride, zinc oxide, and zirconia as well as some of the more obscure ones such as cerium oxide, europium oxide, hydroxylapatite, and tin-doped indium oxide.
  • Highly porous Gel-casting ceramics are used in medical applications.
  • Transparent submicrometer grains alumina are formed by gel casting using agar as gelling.
  • Porous Gelcast ceramics for Bone Repair Implants.
  • Direct Gel-Casting of Zirconia for Dental Application.
  • Gelcasting has also been successfully used inmaking highly porous ceramics by direct foaming tech-niques .
  • Powder Injection Moulding (PIM) is a well-established forming technique for ceramics, particularly suited to the production of complex shapes.
General Information
  • Gelcasting
  • Gelcasting Flowchart

Company Profile

  • Company from USA
  • US Company from Utah
  • Company from China


  • Consultant from California
  • Consultant from London
  • Consultant from Portugal
  • Consultant from India
  • Consultant from China


  • Transparent submicrometer grains alumina formed by gel casting using agar as gelling additive
  • Highly Porous Gel-Cast Ceramics in Medical Applications
  • Porous Gelcast Ceramics for Bone Repair Implants
  • Gelcast Forming of Non-Oxide Ceramics with Reactive Surfaces
  • Direct Gel-Casting of Zirconia for Dental Application: Gelation Kinetics and Pyrolysis of Organic Additives


  • Advanced Forming Techniques in Ceramics
  • Gelcasting Ceramics: A Review
  • Fabrication of Ceramic Components for Micro gas Turbine Engines
  • Shape Forming of Ceramics via gelcasting of Aqueous Particulate slurries
  • Attaining High Solids in Ceramic Slurries
  • A Physical Model for Drying of Gelcast Ceramics
  • Real-Time Model-Based Control System Design and Automation for Gelcast Drying Process
  • Gelcasting of GD-1 Ceramic Radomes
  • Gelcasting
  • Development of Low-Toxicity Gelcasting Systems
  • Preparation and Properties of Macroporous Silicon Nitride Ceramics by Gelcasting and Carbonthermal Reaction
  • Mold Shape Deposition Manufacturing of Ceramic parts
  • Microwave Processing of Ceramic Materials
  • Direct Casting of Zirconia Dental Bridges and Hard Metal Tools
  • Warpage in Gelcasting Ceramics
  • Low-toxicity Binder System for Gel Casting of Zirconia


  • Atmospheric Gas Burner made of Biosoluble and Gelcast Ceramic Fibres
  • Method for removing volatile components from a gel-cast ceramic article
  • Method for Molding Ceramic Powders usig Water based Gelcasting Process
  • Process for Casting Ceramic Materials
  • Sol-Gel modified gel casting of ceramic powders

Project & Report

  • Advanced Materials and Chemicals
  • Gel Casting of Industrial Ceramics
  • ORNL's Gelcasting : Moulding the future of Ceramic Forming
  • Ceramic microreactors for on-site hydrogen production

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