Carbon Credits for Brick Industry
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Information profile @ a Glance
  • Cheapest fuels are used in Brick Kilns
  • Fire wood, waste oil, coal , various biomass burnt produce very hazardous emissions polluting the immediate surroundings & contributing substantially global warming
  • Current technologies for brick production such as clamps, downdraught kilns and Bullís trench kilns consume large quantities of fuel such as coal, firewood and other biomass.
  • VSBK is the most efficient firing technology available, where the fire remains static and the product moves through the firing zone (vertical format of tunnel kilns).
  • VSBK Technology requires higher initial  investment & lower returns compared to other technologies
  • The air pollution emissions from VSBKs are within the permissible limit of the governmentís emission standard
  • Certificates of Carbon Emissions Reductions (CERís) are similar to share certificates issued on a stock exchange
  • Under the emissions trading scheme, developed countries can achieve their emission reduction targets by purchasing greenhouse gas emission reductions, or carbon credits, from developing nations
  • Any VSBK plant qualifies as a small scale CDM project, as per the definition of a small scale CDM project and its simplified modalities and procedures
  • Emission reductions per brick have been calculated from baseline emissions and project emissions.Subtracting specific energy consumption in "modernized technology" from "traditional technology" gives the saving in energy consumption per brick production, which is then multiplied by the emission factor to get emission reduction per brick

Basic Information

  • Carbon Credits

  • Automatic Plants

  • Brick Kilns
  • Brick Making Machinery

  • Good Manufacturing Practices

  • Voluntary Carbon Market


  • Climate Change Challenges

  • Monitoring Dust

  • Noise Levels

  • Truck Movements

  • Air pollution standards for
    brick and ceramics kilns.

  • Brick Kiln Emissions

  • Environment Assessment guidelines for Brick Kilns

  • Clay Quarry

  • Fly Ash - Environment saviour

  • Global Environment Facility

  • Soil Test

  • Rice Husk Usage

Trade, Market Scenario
  • Buyer's Perspective
  • Buyer Profile
  • Finding Buyers
  • Capacity Development - Cambodia
  • Brick Making Sector - China
  • Cluster Development Approach
  • Construction Industry
  • Fly ash Products
  • Rural Development
  • Taxation Scheme
  • Company Performance
  • Small Scale CDM Projects
  • VSBK Kiln  Experience in Nepal
  • Technology Transfers
  • Brick Manufacturing Sector - Research Study Report
  • Awareness Workshop
Brick Kilns Technology
  • Brick Kiln Design
  • Kiln Operation
  • Case Study
  • Air Quality analysis
  • VSBK Kiln Diagram
  • VSBK Technology
  • Energy Utilization in Brick Kilns
  • Development of energy efficient Brick Kilns
  • Fuel Switch
  • Petroleum coke in brick kilns
  • Igloo Type Brick Kilns

CDM Projects Information

  • Developing Baseline
  • Baseline performance data
  • Eligibility Crietria
  • CDM Project Cycle
  • Project approval Process
  • Recommendation Form
  • Bundling small CDM Projects
  • Project Design Document
  • Project Document - vsbk
  • The FaL-G Brick Project example

CDM Consultants & Contacts

  • Feasibility Assessment
  • Project Development
  • Carbon Finance & Trading Market
  • Emission Trading
  • Support Services
  • Contacts

Case Studies

  • Technology Transfer
  • Kiln Conversion
  • Indian Experience
  • Improving Kiln Efficiency
  • Emission Trading Opportunities
  • VSBK Project - Rajastan
  • South African Company
  • Fly Ash Bricks
  • Pollution Control

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