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  • Common indication for heparin therapy is the prevention of blood clot formation following major surgical procedures lasting longer than 30 minutes
  • Heparin is  used as an inject able anticoagulant. It is also used to form an inner anticoagulant surface on various experimental and medical devices such as test tubes and renal dialysis machines.
  • Generally, physicians prefer heparin over warfarin because heparin has a rapid onset of anti-coagulant activity, a short physiological half-life and significantly fewer incidences of drug-drug interactions. These pharmacological properties facilitate dose adjustment and contribute to Heparinís relatively large margin of safety.
  • Unfractionated heparin is a large heterogenous molecule with a molecular weight that can range from 5,000 to 30,000 daltons. Low molecular weight heparins such as dalteparin, enoxaparin and tinzaparin range from 1,000 to 10, 000 daltons
  • The affinity of polypeptides for immobilized heparin has led to the purification, amino acid sequencing, and molecular cloning of several mitogenic, angiogenic growth factors, collectively known as heparin-binding growth factors .
  • The biophysical functions depend on the unique properties of GAGs : the ability to fill the space, bind and organize water molecules and repel negatively charged molecules. Because of high viscosity and low compressibility they are ideal for a lubricating fluid in the joints.
  • The non-leaching heparin molecules are covalently bonded into the surface to provide similar beneficial effects as heparan sulphate in the natural endothelium.
  • Heparanase is an enzyme involved in extracellular matrix degradation and remodeling. Heparin and low molecular weight heparin (LMWH) are anticoagulant agents currently used in treatment of thrombotic disorders.
  • Ribosomes can be removed by ultracentrifugation in the presence of CDB prior to application to a heparin column or separated by heparin affinity column itself as their intact form.
  • Heparin treatment has moved over the last 20 years through three generations from natural heparin, to low molecular weight heparins to synthetic heparin.
  • Bioengineering has provided a cell line for producing heparin which is closely related (in structure) to pharmaceutical grade heparin
  • Neutralase has  been studied as a heparin reversal agent
  • Platelet aggregation inhibitors and heparins dominate the market, accounting for approximately 60% and 30% of total antithrombotic agent sales respectively. The US market accounts for almost half of all global sales.
  • Currently, worldwide heparin sales are estimated to be more than $4 billion, with a 15% yearly growth rate. The annual global market for anticoagulant therapies is approximately $6 billion.
  • Generic version of Synthetic Heparin is being launched in the North American market in early 2008.
  • The heparin market is dominated by LMWHs, 2005
  • Heparin Basics
  • Glycosaminoglycans
  • Proteoglycans
  • Heparin-Like Glycosaminoglycans
  • Heparin Injection
  • Heparin Sodium Injection
  • Heparin-Livestock


  • Biosynthesis of Heparin
  • Preparation of Lipoprotein Lipase
  • Production of Heparin-Binding Angiogenic Factor
  • Heparin Coating Process of Oxygenators
  • Preparation of Heparin
  • Production of Heparin Binding Epidermal Growth Factor
  • Purification and Characterization of Novel Heparin
  • NKF-Process for Quality
  • Novel Heparin Production Method
  • Analyses of Heparin Preparations


  • Coating Technologies
  • CBAS Compendium
  • Unique End-point Attachment
  • Gore Propaten Vascular Graft
  • Human Factors Process Analysis
  • Heparinex Technology
  • Covalent Linking Technology
  • Momenta's Technology
  • Diagnosis of Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia/Thrombosis
  • Biointeracting Materials for Medical Application
  • Purification of Proteins Using Heparin Affinity Column Chromatography
  • Heparin Characterization

United States Patent

  • Process of  Supersulfated Heparin
  • Method to Produce Solid Form of Heparin
  • Heparin Or Derivative
  • Preparing Mixed Heparin Salts
  • Heparins for Prevention of Cerebral Edemas
  • Medical Application for Heparin
  • Non-Thrombogenic Material Reacted with Heparin


  • Effect of Heparin on Wound Healing
  • Heparin Bovine Injection
  • Nonanticoagulant Heparin Prevents Coronary Endothelial Dysfunction
  • Treatment of DVT


  • EpranEx
  • T2T-Heparin Biocompatible Surfaces
  • Heparin Oligosaccharides
  • Heparin Sodium Products


  • Heparin Coating Process Consulting Service
  • Reginald J. Blaber
  • Jeffrey Brock Riley
  • John H Scurr
  • Medical Consultants
  • Roger Lauren Lundblad
  • Tyler Cardiovascular Consultants
Projects and Plant
  • Aventis Enoxaparin Sodium Manufacturing Plant
  • Medimpex UK
  • New Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant in Singapore
  • Antibodies Associated with Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia


  • Reducing Intravenous Heparin Errors
  • Safety Data for Heparin Sodium Salt
  • ReNcell VM Immortalized Cell Line
  • Heparin Sodium Injection
  • Safety of Perioperative Minidose Heparin
  • Heparin-MSDS
  • Heparin Monitoring and Patient Safety
  • Porcine Heparin
  • SafeCrit Hematocrit Tubes


  • Heparin Flush Injection
  • Guide to Anticoagulant Therapy
  • Initial Treatment of VTE
  • Drug Guide-Heparin
  • Heparin Injection Guide
  • Heparin Infusion Prior to Stenting (HIPS) Trial


  • Alchemia Financial Report
  • FDA Approval for Arixtra
  • GeneMedix-Financial Review
  • Heparin-Bonded Circuit
  • Probable Cutaneous Response to Heparin
  • Heparin- Induced Thrombocytopenia Occurring
    After Discontinuation of Heparin
  • Epidural Haematoma
  • Heparin in Baby Alanís Case
  • Treatment of Experimental Fat Embolism with Heparin
  • Uses of Heparin To Treat Burn Injury
  • Biological Standardization of
    Unfractionated Heparin


  • Alchemia Limited
  • Emisphere
  • Arixtra(R) Receives Priority Review
  • Cost-Effectiveness of Low-Molecular Weight Heparin
  • Heparanase Derived Peptides for Coagulation
  • Arixtra Accelerates

Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters and Importers

  • Heparin Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Heparin Sodium Suppliers
  • Heparin Sodium Exporters
  • Heparin Exporters and Manufacturers in India
  • Leading Suppliers of Heparin
  • Heparin-Trade Leads
  • Heparin Sodium Manufacturers and Suppliers in US
  • Heparin Importers

Company Profiles

  • IntelliHep
  • TUA Systems
  • Carmeda
  • Lifespan Technologies
  • Emisphere Technologies,Inc.


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