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Information   Profile @ a Glance  
  • The cultivated peanut or groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.), originated in South America (Bolivia and adjoining countries) and is now grown throughout the tropical an warm temperate regions of the world.

  • Groundnut botanically known as Arachis hypogeae belongs to Leguminosae family.

  • Groundnut-or peanut as it is also called-is a four-foliate legume with yellow sessile flowers and subterranean fruits.

  • Groundnut is a valuable source of E, K, and B vitamins.

  • All parts of the peanut plant can be used.

  • The peanut, grown primarily for human consumption, has several uses as whole seeds or is processed to make peanut butter, oil, and other products

  • The main use of groundnut is as a source of edible oil, but the high oil and protein contents also make it an important food crop.

  • The optimum time for harvesting is when most pods have a veined surface, seed coats are colored, and 75% of pods show darkening on the inner surface of the hull.

  • The two most important operations in handling peanut after harvest are cleaning and drying to a safe moisture content.

  • The most serious fungal diseases of foliage are leaf-spots and rust.

  • India, China, and the United States produce about 70 percent of the world's groundnuts.

  • Throughout the world, farmers cultivate about 22.23 million hectares of groundnut (yielding 29.22 million tonnes of pods), of which 13.69 million hectares are in Asia (India 8 million ha; China 3.84 million ha), 7.39 million hectares in Sub-Saharan Africa, and 0.7 million hectares in Central and South America.




  • Arachis Hypogaea 
  • Plant Details
  • Plants for a Future 
  • History of Arachis Hypogaea 
  • Varieties India 
  • Peanuts / Groundnuts 
  • Basic Information 
  • Peanuts & Classification 
  • Crop Data 
  • Edible Groundnut Flour 
  • Peanut Biogeography & Uses 
  • Cultural Practices 
  • Entity Display - Arachis Hypogaea
  • Valencia Peanut
  • Field Crops - Peanut 
  • Nuts and Oil Seeds

Cultivation & Production

  • Short Duration Groundnut
  • Cultivation Technology - India
  • Groundnut Cultivation
  • Improving Groundnut Harvest
  • Producing Peanuts for Home Use
  • Peanut Production for Fresh Market
  • Growing Peanuts in Garden
  • Green Peanut Production
  • Harvesting and  Storage

Processing, Products & Applications

  • Principles of Oil Extraction

  • Groundnut Processing

  • Peanut Processing

  • Tilling

  • Hydrogen from Peanut Shells

  • Profile - Peanut Oil

  • Lower Blood Pressure

  • Decreases Diabetes Risk  

  • Peanut Butter Recipes

  • Peanut Butter Nutrient Analysis

  • Peanut Oil

  • Lectin from Peanut

  • Stilbene Synthase from Arachis

Equipment Suppliers

  • Equipment Suppliers - Peanut Decorticators

  • Sandwiching Kit - Harvesting
  • Peanut Digger
  • Hydraulic Dump cart
  • Peanut Combine
  • Peanut Harvesting Equipments
  • Harvesting Equipment Suppliers
Qualty & Standards
  • Standard for Peanut Kernels
  • Standard for Inshell Viginia Type Peanuts
  • Standards for Shelled Runner Type Peanuts
  • Standards for Shelled Spanish Type Peanuts


Production in Different Areas
  • Peanut Production & Utilization - China
  • Groundnut - Africa
  • Peanut Production Methods - Ghana
  • Peanut in Philippine Food System
  • Technical Efficiency in Production in Malawi
  • Arachis in Europe
  • Peanut Production - Textas
  • Cultural Dimension - Philippine
  • Peanut in India

Studies and Newsletters

  • Feasibility Study on Post Harvesting

  • International Arachis Newsletter

  • GBWWG News Sheet

  • Peanut Study

  • Production Guide

  • Collaborative Research - Evolution Report

  • National Guidelines - Testing

  • Peanut Roasting - Business Setup Guide 

 Markets -
Exports & Imports
  • Peanut - Outlook Report
  • India Peanut Suppliers
  • Indian Peanuts Export
  • Market Development
  • World Peanut Market
  • Marketing -Peanut
  • Trade Liberalization

Regulatory Issues

  • Safety Data Sheet

  • Regulation of Export to EU

  • Pest Management Profile

  • Post Harvest Profile of Groundnut

  • Identifying Sources of Disease

  • Safety Data Sheet - Peanut Oil

  • Soil born Diseases

  • Herbicides in Peanut

  • Diseases of Peanut

  • Black pod rot of groundnut

  • Tobacco streak virus on Peanut


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