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  • Ethanol as Fuel 
  • Biofuels for Transportation
  • Gasoline Quality Guide
  • Biodiesel
  • Economic Impact Assessment E-diesel & Biodiesel
  • Bioethanol Solution
  • Company Report
  • Biomass Conversion


  • Agricultural Raw Materials
  • Biofuel Feedstock
  • Bioethanol Production from Rice Straw
  • Agrofuels
  • Ethanol from Cane molasses
  • Ethanol from Cellulosic Materials
  • Ethanol from Biomass  
  • Ethanol Blended Fuels 
  • Ethanol & Fuel Cells Presentation
  • Basic Concepts
  • Consultant
  • Sorghum
  • Ethanol from rotten potato
  • Ethanol from waste potato
  • Ethanol from Rice Straw & Bagasse
  • Enzymatic Saccharification of Rice Straw
  • Rice Straw Degrading Microorganisms
  • Thermo chemical Conversion of Rice Straw to Ethanol
  • Ethanol production from dilute-acid pretreated rice straw


  • World Market 
  • Ethanol Plant China
  • News Letter
  • Biofuels & Ethanol
  • Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters
  • World Traders
  • Biofuel Act
  • Ethanol next 25 years
  • Policy Issues
  • Asia Policy
  • Bio Fuel Act
  • Industrial Biotechnology
  • World Distillery Network
Scenario in India
  • India report
  • Biofuels Development
  • Research in India 
  • Potentials in India
  • Fuel Economy 
  • Alternate Fuels
  • Industry Potential
  • Indian Plant & Machinery Company
  • Sugar Industry in India 
  • Articles of Interest 
  • Government Policy  
  • Government Support   
  • Licenses & Procedures  
  • Winrock India
  • Leading Industry
  • Biotechnology
  • Indian Companies in the Field

World Scenario

  • Report - California
  • Brazil
  • Brazil Ethanol Program
  • Nigeria & Ghana
  • Energy & Resources of Nigeria
  • Small projects - Nigeria
  • Oil addiction
  • The cases of China, India & Philippines
  • Biorefinery: Development and Status in USA
  • Links to world of ethanol
  • Technology Companies & Institutions


Project Data  & Technology
  • Project Brief
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Pre-Feasibility Study
  • Feasibility Study on rice based fuel-ethanol production
  • Cost & Benefit Analysis
  • Economic Analysis
  • Project Funding
  • Biorefinery
  • Ethanol Production Process
  • Project development 
  • California Ethanol Project
  • Ethanol from Rectified Spirit
  • Ethanol Project Information
  • Technology Selection
  • Project Management
  • Molecular Sieve technology 
  • Technology & Joint Venture Offer 
  • Project Consultants 
  • International Financial Corporation
  • Project Economics
  • Projects Consultants Mnc
  • Technical & Economic Feasibility assessment
  • Standard
  • Specifications
  • Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Useful Links


Power Alcohol    PART - II                                    

  • When ethyl alcohol is used as fuel in internal combustion engine, it is called as "power alcohol". Generally ethyl alcohol is used as its 5-25% mixture with petrol.

  • Alcohol fuels are produced by fermentation of sugars derived from wheat, corn, sugar beets, sugar cane, molasses and any sugar or starch that alcoholic beverages can be made from (like potato and fruit waste, etc.).

  • Use of ethyl alcohol in petrol reduces our dependence on foreign countries for petrol and saves foreign considerably. Power alcohol is cheaper than petrol.

  • Ethyl alcohol contains 'O' atoms, which helps for complete combustion of power alcohol and the polluting emissions of
    CO, hydrocarbon, particulates are reduced largely.

  • Ethyl alcohol has long been used as an automotive fuel in two ways:  1) First, it replaces gasoline outright in a somewhat modified internal combustion engine.           2) Secondly, it is an effective "octane booster" when mixed with gasoline in blends of 10 to 30 percent and requires no engine modification. These blends achieve the same octane boosting (or anti-knock) effects as petroleum -derived aromatics like benzine or metallic additives like tetraethyl lead.

  • Early automotive inventors resorted to both petroleum and alcohol spirit lamp fuels as readily available energy sources.

  • By the mid-1980s over one hundred corn alcohol production plants had been built and over a billion gallons of ethyl alcohol were sold per year in the fuel market.

  • Brazil is the world's second largest producer of ethanol fuel and the world's largest exporter. Together, Brazil and the United States lead the industrial production of ethanol fuel, accounting together for 87.8% of the world's production in 2010.

  • In 2010 Brazil produced 26.2 billion litres (6.92 billion U.S. liquid gallons), representing 30.1% of the world's total ethanol used as fuel.

  • Global ethanol production in 2005 reached 45 billion litres (or 45 Gl), being about 33 Gl3 for fuel use and the rest for beverage and industrial purposes.



General Information

  • Alcohol Fuel

  • Ethyl Alcohol fuel before the discovery of petroleum

  • Alcohol for Motor Fuels

  • Ethanol Fuel Basic Info

  • Advantages of Power Alcohol

  • Ethanol Fuel Information

  • Ethanol Era -  In future

  • Ethanol as a Fuel

Company & Plant

  • Company from Canada

  • Company from Island

  • Plant from India

  • Plant from India


  • Turnkey from India

  • Turnkey from India


  • Distributor from USA

  • Distributor from USA

Data Sheet

  • E85 Fuel Ethanol

  • Fuel Ethanol

  • Denatured Fuel Ethanol

  • E-Fuel micro fueler

  • Fuel Ethanol

  • Ethyl alcohol

  • Motor Fuel Ethanol

Design & Facts

  • E85 Fuel Distilling Process

  • Fuel Ethanol Facts

  • Ethanol Fuel In Future


  • Alcohol based fuels

  • Alcohol fuel conversion apparatus

  • Fuel blended with alcohol for diesel engine

  • Stabilized gasoline-alcohol fuel compositions

  • Sensor for measuring alcohol content of alcohol/gasoline fuel mixtures


  • Production of power alcohol

  • Production and Use of Ethanol as a Fuel in Brazil

  • Biofuel Production

  • Ethanol fuel production

  • Fuel ethanol production

  • Ethanol Fuel from Corn

  • Fuel alcohol production from Biomass


  • Alcohol Fuel In Developing Countries

  • Fuel Ethanol: Background and Public Policy Issues

  • Indian Power Alcohol Act

  • Bio-ethanol fuel for Armenia

  • Ethanol fuel In Brazil

  • Ethanol fuel In USA

  • World fuel Ethanol Analysis

  • Handling and Storing Fuel Ethanol


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  • Alcohol Fuel Cells at Optimal Temperatures

  • World Fuel Ethanol

  • Comparative study on energy sustainability of biofuel
    production chains

  • Energy consumption analysis of integrated flow sheets for
    production of fuel ethanol from lignocellulosic biomass

  • Integrated Co-production of
    Food-Animal Feed-Bioethanol-Power


  • Fuel Ethanol Production Using Nuclear-Plant Steam

  • Ethanol Fuel cell Technology

  • Technologies in ethanol  production


  • Lowering Cost of Bio-Ethanol Production Using Electrolytic Process

  • Molasses Based Fuel Ethanol (Bio-Fuel) Plant

  • Fuel Alcohol production in Honduras

Application & Product

  • Ethanol as Fuel : Energy,
    Carbon Dioxide Balances

  • Ethanol fuel for rural households

  • Efuel - Micro Fueler


  • Effects of Ethanol (E85) Versus Gasoline Vehicles on Cancer
    and Mortality in the US

  • Ethanol-Gasoline Fuel Blends May Cause Human Health Risks and Engine Issues

  • Ongoing Studies of E15 and E20 Ethanol Blends Indicate Risks to Human Health as well as Safety and Performance of Motor Vehicles and Non-Road Engines

  • Health and Environmental Assessment of the Use of Ethanol as a Fuel Oxygenate

  • Safety aspects with E85 as a fuel for vehicles

  • Ethanol stock harvesting risk

  • Bio-ethanol and the risk of carburettor icing.


  • Power Alcohol in Kenya and Zimbabwe

  • Market Evaluation: Fuel Ethanol

  • Ethanol Fuel Market

  • Ethanol requirement in fuel for 2012

  • Ethanol fixed price for fuel

  • Ethanol fuel from Soda pop


  • Ethanol Fuel Supplier

  • Supplier for Ethanol Fuel

  • Supplier for fuel Ethanol

  • Power alcohol Suppliers

  • Fuel Ethanol Suppliers

  • Ethanol Fuel Suppliers

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