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  • Alumina or aluminum oxide (Al2O3) is a compound of aluminum metal and oxygen usually used in the alpha alumina structural form. In its pure form alumina is a white, high hardness ceramic. Fully dense alumina can be translucent. Alumina has found wide application due to its versatility and a relatively low raw material cost.
  • Depending on the purity and density, alumina is used for refractory tubes, industrial crucibles, analytical labware, dielectric substrates, wear components, refractory cements and abrasives. Alumina's main drawback is its relatively poor thermal shock resistance due its higher coefficients of thermal expansion and lower thermal conductivity compared to other pure ceramic materials such as SiC.
  • Alumina is an advanced ceramic material that possesses several good properties including mechanical, thermal, electrical and chemical properties. Therefore, it is used as different kinds of products such as milling ball, milling vial liner, spark plug insulator, crucible, sand blast tube and electronic substrate. The industries involving alumina are very important basic industries for the development of other domestic industries.
  • A raw aluminum blank substrate is machined for edge and surface preparation prior to nickel alloy plating. This process sets the ultra smooth surface finish for the aluminum substrates as well as critical edge chamfer design points. The substrates are annealed to relieve stress in the material as well as temper the parts for the next steps in the process.
  • A modified Ziegler alcohol process produces high purity gels, derived from aluminum metal. This manufacturing process for these products begins with primary aluminum to produce an alumina of extraordinary purity.Currently, alumina (Al2O3), glass and glass ceramics are used to manufacture substrates. These materials, however, do not possess the increasing property demands like high thermal conductivity and compatible CTE.
  • This high grade alumina substrate has good features made by an application of its own substrate manufacturing techniques.This substrate is also available as processed substrate, having via-halls and / or grooves.
  • It has the features of Excellent surface roughness, High bending strength, High purity, Better density, Good electric features, Capable of offering substrate in thickness as thin as 0.1mm
  • The aluminum substrate’s thermal conductivity (the ability to dissipate heat) is characterized at 173W/m-K — far superior to other types of traditional substrates (0.8W/m-K for FR4 PC board; 17.3W/m-K for 304 stainless steel; or 21W/m-K for 96% alumina ceramic). An aluminum alloy substrate consisting of either 3003 or 6061 aluminum delivers high thermal conductivity and low cost.  Long term thermal shock testing confirms the ruggedness of the dielectric medium.
 General Information
  • Alumina an Overview
  • Properties of Alumina
  • Alumina Ceramic
  • Aluminum nitride History
  • Physical properties of Aluminum Nitride
  • Aluminum Nitride Substrate Information Links

Production and Processing

  • Manufacturing Process of Alumina Ceramic Substrate
  • Production Process of  Embedded Ceramic Resistors and Capacitors
  • Manufacturing Process of Alumina Substrate
  • Ceramic Manufacturing Process
  • Development of Al2O3/AlN Composite Substrates for Microelectronics
  • Ceramic Processing


  • Mechanical Properties of Thick-Film Magneto strictive Materials
  • Millimeter Wave Perpendicular Coax to Microstrip Transition
  • Characterization of electrostatic carrier substrates
  • Ultrasonic Welding of Thin Alumina and Aluminum Using Inserts
  • Activation and Deactivation Mechanisms of Alumina Catalysts
  • Substrate Response During Dual Bipolar Pulsed Magnetrin Sputtering
  • Effect of carbon ion pre-implantation on the stress level of diamond films formed on alumina substrates

Company Profiles

  • Ceramic Technologies Inc
  • Ceramics Corridor® Innovation Centers
  • Maruwa (Malaysia)
  • Morgan Advanced Ceramics
  • Almath Crucibles
  • Cetek Technologies
  • Leatec Fine Ceramics
  • Tecdia
  • Intertec Southwest


  • Experts in alumina substrate
  • Ichiro Nishimura
  • James R. Bloedel
  • John Antoniou
  • Vijay Gupta
  • Stephen C. Bayne

Material Safety Data Sheet

  • Alumina
  • Alumina Substrate Circuit Package
  • Zentrix Technologies Product
  • Grodan
  • Aluminum Oxide
  • Quick-Clad Skimcoat
  • Wear Guard
  • Alumina-based protective coating for ceramic materials
  • Ceramic Wiring Board and its Production
  • Ceramic Substrate and Sintered Aluminium Nitride
  • Production of Ceramic Substrate
  • Manufacturing of Alumina
  • Process for Manufacturing an Alumina Substrate


  • Alumina Ceramic Substrates
  • Thick Film Heaters on Ceramic
  • List of Alumina Ceramic Substrate Products
  • US Microwaves
  • Sensors
  • List of Ceramic Products

Technology and Technique

  • EMC Technology
  • Electronic Packaging Manufacturing Technology
  • Using LFC Technology, Murata Makes Automotive Ceramic Substrates
  • Embedding Resistors On Ceramic Substrate In Flex PCBs
  • Development of Ceramic Coatings Using Red Mud Solid Waste Technology
  • Alumina & Leaded Molded Technology
  • Ceramic Joining Techniques


  • High Grade Alumina Applications
  • High Strength Ceramic Substrate for Thick-Film Sensor Applications
  • Aluminum Substrates Make Light Work Of Visible LED Circuits
  • Cutting Fired Alumina Ceramic
  • Thick Film on Ceramics
  • Applications of Aluminium Nitride Substrate

Manufacturers and Suppliers

  • Trade Leads of Alumina Ceramic Substrates
  • Marketech International, Inc
  • Manufacturers of Alumina Substrate
  • Alumina Ceramic Substrate Exporters
  • Alumina Suppliers

Market and Report

  • Developments and Future Trends in Aluminum Products
  • Flip Chip Markets
  • An outside look at the exterior market
  •  Eco Report on Alumina Substrate
  • Ceramics Report
  • Ceramic Membrane Technical Report
  • Capacity Issues in the Material Supply Chain
  • Morgan Technical Ceramics Report
  • Alumina Prototype Filter Element Made of Reticulated Ceramic Foam
  • Hydrolysis of Aluminum Nitride Powders in Moist Air

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